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7 Instagram WordPress Themes for Your Business to Increase Fans and Followers!

Instagram is a social media platform that has one of the most popular mobile applications across the world. The platform boasts over 800 million followers and is one of the most widely preferred photo sharing platforms among users in the age group of 18 to 30 years. The best part of Instagram is it is such a simple platform that anyone can use it.

Instagram for business

If you are not using Instagram for business, you sure will lag behind in the competitive market. This social media platform is known for its fast success rates when it comes to business lead conversion and sales. Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., you do not have to depend upon words to market your business. With the aid of photos, you can send out your business message to anyone in the world. The best part of Instagram is that you do not have to resort to a computer to upload your pictures. All you do is take a photograph with your cell phone and apply the beautiful filters to make impressive images that your followers will love. These photos can instantly upload wherever you go. This is why Instagram is a useful resource for photographs, and if you are not using it, you sure will lag behind in the competition.

WordPress websites

Today, WordPress is an effective content management system that gives you a simple user interface for your business. You get the option to share text and pictures of your business smoothly. The platform does not use complicated codes, and it is the number one choice for search engine optimization. Yes, if you are looking for a website that search engines can find fast and rank it high on search ranks, WordPress is indeed the perfect choice. It is simple for everyone to use and the best part is you do not have to be a professional coder to make changes to your website at all!

Integrating WordPress with Instagram

There are several benefits of integrating WordPress with Instagram. Instagram photos are vibrant and lively. If you can add them to your website, you can engage the audience better. At the same time, you can use the photos that users take of your store or products and use them on your website. All this is possible when you opt for WordPress Instagram integration. The integration is with the help of particular Instagram WordPress themes and plugins. They help you to improve the appeal and the functionality of your website. They help you to get more followers for your website and Instagram account. These themes and plugins are easy to install. There are hundreds to choose from. They help you gain the competitive edge in the market and make your website an appealing platform that visitors would like to come back to every time.

What are the favorite Instagram themes for you to use?

If you are a new business owner, initially it might be hard for you to find followers to your Instagram account. You have the option of buying followers from You can get followers for your new business and invoke trust from new customers that visit your website. When you have a decent number of followers in place, the next step for you is to integrate Instagram in your WordPress. You effectively can choose a theme that has support for Instagram built in it. Here, you can display your latest pictures on the website generating more followers in the process. In case, your theme that you have purchased does not have Instagram support, opt for a plugin to get all the features you need to make your business website useful to invoke followers for your brand. The following are some of the best WordPress Instagram themes and plugins you may choose for your business website to attract visitors and get more followers-

  1. Belle-Belle is one of the best WordPress Instagram themes you can decide for your business website. This theme helps you get a clean and crisp design that is flexible. It has multiple features like a sidebar, layouts, tabs, galleries and management for ads. It is simple for you to use and boosts of powerful features.
  2. Schema- This theme is ideal for blogs. It is 100% responsive. So, this means it is suitable for mobile devices, and if you have a personal blog on fashion, recipe, food, etc., you may opt for it.
  3. Adriana- This theme has powerful visible appeal and is one of the best ideas for fashion websites. It loads fast and straightforward for you to use. It is famous for its Shop My Closet widget that showcases your collection. Like most themes, it is mobile responsive.
  4. Elegante- This Instagram WordPress theme has a clean interface that gives a distinctive appeal to your content. Its design is fresh and bold. It has fantastic features that give you a powerful impact. This theme has several features for you to opt.
  5. Roza-This theme gives you to 19 amazing layered PSD files along with several components. You can also get more than ten post styles for your website.
  6. Halona- This is a personal theme targetting bloggers. It is suitable for photography, travel and own blogs or websites. It highlights your photographs well as it comes with eight different kinds of formats for your posts along with nine unique widgets and five sidebar features.
  7. Centura- This theme gives you a sleek and modern theme for news websites and blogs. It has attractive features that make your images stand out and grab attention.

The above themes are simple and highly flexible for you to showcase your Instagram images on your WordPress website. Find the ones that meet and match your preferences. These themes have appeal and make your site grab attention. Regular visitors will become loyal followers. They are ideal for both new and old websites. Opt for them today and increase the number of fans and followers to your business website today!