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A guide to garner a steady flow of followers via Instagram: Some Promotional Techniques!

The influence of social media in the present times is undeniable, and it can be said that the potential of social media in terms of its productivity is yet to be entirely explored. There is a number of people across the world, which use the various social media platform for communication in particular and even for staying updated about the latest news in every genre. Hence social media can prove to be very helpful for ensuring that your business gets proper exposure from the right sources. With the various social media platform, you can connect with people who would be interested in your product. But it is crucial that you keep in mind that your techniques of reaching out to people about your product are not annoying to them and actually attracts them and grab their interest.

Instagram for promotion

One of the most popular social media platforms is the Instagram account which is used by 800 million people actively throughout the year. There are various types of images, videos; boomerang videos that you can find on the Instagram platform, and you can easily find any type of things which you want here. The Instagram platform has various genres of products, and you can easily search them up with the right hashtags. While you have the option to search up the different genre of images and content from Instagram through the search option of the Instagram, it is not exactly like a search engine, and the search count from Instagram does not add to your SEO boosting points directly. Here we are going to provide certain tips about practices that you should avoid in order to ensure that you have a consistent number of followers and it does not diminish under any circumstances.

Spamming and direct links

A number of companies tend to leave a comment on relevant posts on follower’s profile, but at times this practice may have a negative consequence. How you phrase your comments and your technique of approach together influence the type of impact you are likely to have on your clients. If you are seeing a content that is relevant to your business on the Instagram feed of a follower and wish to comment to get noticed by others who may be interested in the same, make sure you comment something that is genuine and not just leaves the link of your profile and asks them to follow you directly. This is a very crude way of promotion and generally considered spamming and hence must be avoided. People rarely tend to open such links and view the entire profile as they have a preconceived notion that such a profile would not be worth their time in terms of content. The best solution would be leaving genuine and heartfelt comments or simply liking the post to show your approval about it.

Buying Instagram followers

There is a number of different websites which are like co-applications that help you to enhance your Instagram promotion further. The Instagram account and its functioning depend to a large extent on the number of followers you have and the consistent traffic that you are getting from your followers. The number of followers also acts as a symbol of reputation and people tend to think that your popularity is the mark of the quality that they can get from you. There are different websites which would help you out with buying followers for Instagram, and that would appeal to you already have a huge follower base. However, it is not always genuine, and in such situation, your genuine followers would be able to find out easily that your follower base is not real which can lead to tainting your reputation as a business owner. To ensure that your business account is secure enough, buying Instagram followers may be an easy way out but can lead to a loss on the long run and this is a significant reason why you should avoid such a transaction. These techniques are best avoided and if you want you can make sure that your business account is promoted well with the help of professional experts.

Quality of the content

Take your time to plan your contents such that you have unique and high-quality content that speaks for them. It is vital that you look through every aspect of the content before you publish it. Plan the photography, the editing, the captions, the hashtags to be used and the sequence of the posts before you finally upload the content. This may take a long time, but it is better to take time than compromise on the quality of the content. Your followers would be attracted to your Instagram feed by virtue of the content you post, and even if you are not very frequent with your posts, what you post and its quality will keep them hooked on the long run. Maintaining the quality can be easier when you have a creative team working for you, and they would be able to ensure that the masses accept your content.


When it comes to Instagram and digital promotion, it is essential that you observe ethical methods so that the viewers do not feel spammed and offended. There are different types of Instagram features which you can rely on when you are trying to promote your business, and it is crucial that you observe the factors that are mentioned in the article when you are using the social media platforms like Instagram for promotional purpose. It can be concluded that you can gain a lot of success in business when you are ensuring these factors to make sure your social media follower count doesn’t diminish.

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