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A make up set makes the perfect gift for a sweet 16th birthday party.

You’ve been invited to a sweet 16th birthday party and you’re at your wits end. Sixteen is an age where the girl is just out of her childhood and is on the cusp of adulthood. You can’t give her a barbie doll and neither can you gift her a bottle of wine. You have to come at a crossroads between the two, to make a perfect choice.

We know the perfect gift item you can give to make that 16 year old happy- her first makeup kit.

Here are a few options that you can make a choice from:

  1. Lipsticks– You can never go wrong with lipsticks as a gift, be it for your friend, your relatives or even a 16 year old. Lipsticks have so much of variety to choose from, that there is something for everyone. There are the mattes, that give a perfect non-fussy finish to your lips, the liquid lip-stains- that can come in both matte and shiny variants, the traditional stick lipsticks and last but not the least, lip glosses. Teenagers love lip glosses and if you can get your hands on a few that have different shades to them and smell nice, buy them immediately! Nowadays some beauty shops have lipsticks sets which you can send gift to pakistan online. These lipsticks come in sampler sizes and there are around 10 of them in a set so that the little girl can use them all and  select her favourites to buy in the long run. This will not only be economical but it will also serve the purpose of variety.
  2. Face masks– When we were teenagers, we loved the idea of face masks. Not that we had anything to worry about that would give us dark circles and fine lines, but the sheer idea of putting it on our faces with slices of cucumbers to go along with on eyes, it would make us feel like we were adults too. All girls go through this phase when they’re younger and face masks can be the best possible gift items for them.
  3. A beauty box– If you have the money to spend and want to give the girl a full experience of body care, make up and pampering, many companies have their own beauty boxes. These boxes contain new products like dry shampoos, clay masks, body mists, facial wipes, beautiful smelling lotions and small perfumes.

No matter how revolted you are with the idea of makeup at a younger age, once you start growing older, make up is nothing but a must. It’s not just to hide a few lines or dark spots but it’s almost like an artwork on your face, done by you. When the makeup on your face fetches compliments from people, you feel satisfied and know that you’ve done a good job. So don’t wait anymore, go and send a gift online pakistan,

full of the perfect makeup items that the child will absolutely love.

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