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10 Important Truths You Need to Know about the Signs Advertising Your Restaurant


Across an assortment of businesses, advertising your business and what it does is vital.  Signs are very important in every industry as they serve to communicate important information. In restaurants for example, they communicate the menu, any weekly specials as well as general information about the business.

Customers expect to have signs in restaurants and are more accustomed to accepting them as a critical part of the information. Without these signs, you can be assured that business will not thrive as well.

Today, business signs have gone a step ahead by introducing the digital signs that make life easier for businesses.  This is because unlike the old signs that required a lot of printing, these ones only require high resolution images and videos to work.

Digital signage goes a notch higher and serves the customer in an engaging way by attracting their attention within seconds. Effective digital signs in the restaurants therefore helps to increase brand awareness and stimulate the purchase decisions made.

The important things you need to know about restaurant signs

If you own a restaurant or are a restaurant manager, you can now create a uniform look or message that speaks about your business. This message is meant to harmonize all the features of the design of your business, making it stand out from the rest.

The very first thing that everyone will see when they arrive at your restaurant is the sign.  Making your sign a big deal allows your customers to get a great first impression that will leave them wanting to come back. How do you do this?

Incorporate the restaurant style
As much as capturing the attention of the customer is vital, you ought to also think about the style of the sign being in harmony with the style of the restaurant. This creates a theme that catches the customer’s eye fast, making them feel at home. Upscale fine dining restaurants should consider a classic sign that is different from the a local family restaurant. The style of the sign should reflect the standard of the restaurant even from outside. This helps in drawing the right kind of customer to you.

Add color
Color is vital in signs. Back lighting, neon lettering, and mixing elements of different colors is are commonly used. Remember to use colors that reflect your restaurant theme or your logo to harmonize your design.

Balance the size
The size of the restaurant sign needs to be in balance with the door, window, canopy or the front of the building. Signs are meant to look like they belong on the building design not like they are simply hanged on the building.

Add branding
Use colors, styles in lettering, company logos, special formatting as well as the background to enhance corporate branding. Remember to use only those colors and formatting styles that are allowed in the corporate sector rather than in the non-formal sector. The formal style seems to draw more people, especially the modern classy group.

Use a variety of signs if possible
Most restaurants would like to include more than one sign. This can be tricky, especially if you don’t know how to choose what you want. Choose to have a cohesive theme but differences in size, lighting as well as the elements you include. Let each sign look customized for its particular location.

Visibility factor
All signs, not just the restaurant ones, should be easy to read and not hidden from the public eye. The main reason these signs are made is to attract everyone out there and give them information on a new business around the corner. It would therefore be sad to do all the beautiful work on your signpost and then hide it from the limelight. Both exterior and interior signs should be well placed for the viewer to be able to see them. Signs that are a challenge to see are simply not doing their job.

Use your sign
Using your outside sign on social media will greatly draw attention and traffic to your restaurant. This is because the information on the sign provides visitors with a clear picture of what your restaurant is all about.

Keep it short and simple
Interior signs normally include specials and basic signs. Be sure to keep the communication simple and easy to read at just a glance. Use the minimum amount of text and art and keep all the background designs from distracting the reader.

Be original
Copy and paste feature does not apply here! Intend to be original in your design to make your restaurant sign stand out from your competitors.

Type of sign
All signs, both good and bad, send out a message! Ensure that your sign is sending out the right message to your customers. Take a look at the design before its finalized and see what message it is sending to out.

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