Amazing Food Scenario of Munnar, Tour To Munnar

Amazing Food Scenario of Munnar, Tour To Munnar

Munnar – Not Just Lovely Hill Station But A Foodie’s Paradise

If Kerala is considered as ‘God’s Own Country’, then Munnar is surely its capital. The famous hill station is famous for its green covers, charming resorts, exotic tea plantations, extensive variety of spices and incredibly amazing food. Today, a lot of tourists visiting Munnar are either swept away by its gorgeous surroundings or by its savory treats. Let’s take a look at the amazing food scenario of Munnar, which makes it a foodie’s paradise.

Munnar is famous as one of the major hill stations in South India alongwith Ooty, Coorg, Koidakanal and Coonoor. Mostly frequented by honeymooning couples, this little hill station is an ideal location to spend some quality times in the company of your loved ones. Munnar has abundant natural beauty, you can find few lakes, waterfalls, grasslands and patches of tea gardens. One of the best ways to enjoy the hill station is to immerse yourself in the local culture. [Also read About: Royal Kovalam Beach Club]

Lying at an elevation of approx 1500m, Munnar is accessible only through roads. The nearest major railway stations are Aluva and Ernakulam. If you’re planning to take a flight, then Kochi airport is the nearest point. Famous for its resorts, you can also find several good hotels in Munnar, perfect for families and groups.

Munnar, or for that matter, the entire state of Kerala is famous for its wide array of spices. An important reason why “Munnar” is a heaven for spicy culinary delights. If you’re really excited with the panoramic view of the hills, the cuisine of Munnar will add to your excitement. As a food lover, you’ll always get a aroma of spices in its cool air. Munnar brings the most authentic food delights of Kerala, which could become your adventure. Check For The Best 5 Monsoon Destinations in India.

To begin your food trail, it’s always advised to go with the famous and the obvious ones. In that perspective, you should try the famous Appam, which can be found everywhere in Kerala. Appam is a mushy pancake made up of rice flour and served with vegetable or meat curry and chutneys. Considered to be a famous breakfast, you can find several varieties of Appam in roadside stalls and restaurants.

The roadside stalls in Munnar are laden with some quirky items like a sambhar version of Maggi, complete with local spices and garnished with curry leaves. If you’ve been having the homemade version for years, this will come as a pure twist of taste. Another interesting thing that you’d find in these stalls are the Quail eggs. These marble sized eggs comes with dotted shells and you can either choose to have boiled ones or go for a sunny side up. Quail eggs are considered an exotic delicacy in different parts of the world like North America, Vietnam and South Korea.

A platter of fish and rice, made in typical Kerala style is considered as the main course. This heavy item comes with bowls of fish curry, deep fried prawns, some vegetables and parboiled rice. The parboiled rice is considered good for health and it keeps the nutrients intact. On several street stalls, the parboiled rice is also served with sambhar and works as a superb snack. Kerala is one of the top meat consuming state and you can find varieties of chicken. mutton and beef dishes. Traditional non-vegetarian curries are also consumed with Appams and pickles.

If you’re looking to indulge in the true tastes of Kerala, Munnar could be an ideal location for your to explore. If you have a day’s itinerary to enjoy the local delicacies, then there are several cheap hotels in Munnar, where you can just lock your bags and head out.

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