Bangkok: Five Night Hot Spots For A First Timer

Bangkok: Five Night Hot Spots For A First Timer

The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok might be considered as one of the amazing places to get a cultural fix along with enjoying a relaxing holiday. With its smorgasbord of activities providing energetic vibe and warmth, it is of no wonder that a first timer could go absolutely astray on his/her visit. To help you out in such uncertainty here’s a compilation of some curious night spots you should definitely check out in your Bangkok tour.

The city of Bangkok is often considered as one of the most resonant partying cities in Southeast Asia. With an array of nightclubs and pubs, and regular gigs running in almost every one of them, the nightlife of Bangkok is a dream comes true for any pub hopper. But dreams apart, the variety could also appear confusing for any newcomer in the city. If you’re planning to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of a city like Bangkok, here some amazing night spots you should definitely check out!

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Route 66 – With snazzy interiors, heart thumping music, dazzling lights shimmering every corner and digital calligraphy running on the screens, Route 66 is one place you cannot miss out. Located on the Royal City Avenue, Route 66 is a well drawn contender worthy for one of the biggest nightclubs in the city. This amazing nightclub is divided into three zones – two larger rooms playing regular hip hop and pop numbers and another little room presenting the best of EDMs and live band performances. The music creates a great romance with the undulating lights, laser beams and abstract arts thrown on the large screens. The best part is, that the nightclub runs for seven days a week and gaining an entry on weekends could get little tough.

Narz – If you’re looking for a place that provides you a one-in-all enjoyment of a lounge in the evening, a booming dance stage to tap your feet in the night and even a place to chill out after hours, then Narz is where your questions would end. With four magnificent floors, eight fully equipped bars and three spacious rooms with stylish interiors, Narz appears like another term of luxury. If you’ve got moolah to spend and an aim to make it a night of a life, Narz provides the most exciting services. With music that ranges from trance to hip hop, you’ll witness world class acts from top DJs.

Glow – If you’ve a different approach in spending your night than swaying to chart-busters, then Glow could become a perfect option to try out. Away from the usual, this night spot is a wonderful place to discover some amazing underground music. Located at Sukhumvit Soi 23, Glow introduces to the artists you’ve never heard. Maybe, this is the reason why it is so popular amongst locals. The place carries a casual approach and is strictly not a place to enjoy fine dining. The interiors showcases deep oriental themes and that’s fascinating in itself, that you get to see a fusion of the city’s rich past with fast paced future.

Q Bar – Call it funky, call it utterly fashionable or even unwaveringly popular, the Q Bar has been called Bangkok’s best place to enjoy amazing dance and party music for over a decade. The nightclub is located at Sukhumi in Soi 11 and is also popular for its exhaustive range of drinks and cocktails and top international DJ gigs. The interiors of the nightspot are extraordinaire and are regarded as more exclusive than the other nightclubs and pubs situated nearby. Animal prints are everywhere and the snuggly arrangements quickly engulf you.

Cheap Charlie’s – This nightspot was named after its founder who established about three decades ago in the 1980s. Cheap Charlie started as a small outdoor bar in the messy streets of Soi 11, but soon established itself as a fantastic place to enjoy quick round of drinks. Today, the bar appears like a shack and if you’ve guessed it right the menu is indeed really cheap and the food’s amazing too. If you manage to get some stools, the bar is like a vantage point to observe the nightlife of Bangkok. It’s like you’re involved yet present a little distance away. The interiors are filled with skulls, retro figurines, cheap decorative and what not. Don’t forget to pick a memorabilia, while you’re there!
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