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The Must-Visit Places in Hyderabad

There are very few cities in the country that are as beautiful as Hyderabad. There are many places to see here and being the city of the nawabs, you will…

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Chiang Mai

Five Things You Should Try in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s Northern city. It is a smaller version of Bangkok, yet way more relaxed and a lot cheaper. The city itself has so many interesting things to…

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6 Best Places for Paragliding in India

Paragliding has come as a most wanted adventure sport in the recent past. It’s great fun to fly above the mountains and valleys like a free bird. below is a…

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MOT Test

Tips to Pass The MOT Test and What to Do if You Fail

The day of the MOT test arrives and you take your car to the service station to get it checked. If it is your first time, then your car is…

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Sky Diving Adventure sports

4 best adventure sports activities for men

Adventure sports has become a must-go in the recent times. We all work with busy schedules and have a tiresome week all year long. Adventure activities are one thing that…

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Badrinath Char Dham

Best Places To Visit Near Badrinath Char Dham

Badrinath is very famous for being one of the Char Dhams of our country. The temple of Badrinath was established by AdiShankaracharya during the 8thcentury. This holy town is situated…

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Superheroes Based Theme Park

Top 5 Superheroes Based Theme Park Rides For Kids

The love of superheroes will never fade, no matter how old you are. As they appeal to everyone and have a way of finding a special place in our hearts…

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