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Western Europe

7 Underrated Locations in Western Europe

Deciding where to go on holiday can be as much fun as actually going. With nothing more than a passport, a suitcase, and a daydream to call yours, the whole…

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Best Luggage

5 Qualities that Define the Best Luggage to Bring Along

A lot of people will agree that traveling to a place such as an exotic beach or a faraway camping site is an exciting and exhilarating experience. Once you get…

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Stress-free Vacation

Let’s Get Lost: The Worker’s Guide to a Stress-free Vacation

A vacation for some is an escape away from stress, unrealistic deadlines, goals, and other things that burden them. For them, a trip is a great way to de-stress and…

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Muay Thai training camp

Getting healthier with Muay Thai training camp in Thailand

We all know of the great importance that exercise has on how we feel, how we look, and even on how we act. But still many of us manage to…

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Chiang Mai

Five Things You Should Try in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s Northern city. It is a smaller version of Bangkok, yet way more relaxed and a lot cheaper. The city itself has so many interesting things to…

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