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Following The Tips of Essay Writing to Write an Essay

Essay Writing Tips

Essay writing is not your cup of tea. Moreover, your friend is giving you a cold shoulder after you have asked him/her: Please, write my essay or please, do my essay fast. What can you do now? If you have the money, then you always have one good option i.e. you take help of an essay writing service to write an essay for you. On the other hand, if you are penniless, then you should follow the following tips for essay writing to write an essay on your own:

Tip #1: Topic Selection
If the topic is already assigned by your teacher, then you can do nothing except write about the topic i.e. assigned to you. If the topic is already assigned, then you should find something about the topic that is, interesting for you to write about. If you have the option to choose the topic on your own, then you should opt for an interesting topic. Doing these sort of things will ease the pressure of your essay writing assignment.

Tip #2: Brainstorming
Brainstorming is a great technique to generate ideas. You need to think out of the box to come up with valuable ideas for your essay through brainstorming. You should jot down on a paper what comes to your mind through brainstorming. You should discard irrelevant ideas that you gather through brainstorming to make sure your essay is full of relevant ideas.

Tip #3: Outline
An outline will set the road map for you to write an essay. You should write down main points in an essay outline, and next to the essay outline; you should write the sub-points for an essay. You also have the option to create a diagram to set your outline as a figure.

Tip #4: Research
Research is crucial if you want to gather priceless data for your essay writing assignment. You should decide whether you will adopt qualitative research method or quantitative research method to gather data for your essay. Primary research can aid you to gather original pieces of information, whereas secondary research will require you to rely on the available data. Whatever method you choose for research, make sure the data that you gather is authentic.

Tip #5: Writing
Writing is the most crucial part of essay writing, as this is the phase that will decide how good you are at writing. There are three sections in the writing phase namely, introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. In an essay introduction, you need to introduce the topic well, and you can do it by utilizing attention grabbers, such as a quote or a joke. In the main body, you will have to keep readers engaged with your essay, and to do this, make sure your body paragraphs are in a flow. In the conclusion, you will need to convince the readers with your viewpoint.

Tip #6: Proofreading
After you have written an essay, it is time you proofread it to eliminate errors that may either be grammatical or about spellings. You can also take the assistance of peers to get your essay proofread in a better way.

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