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Genuine Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 11

Apple has recently launched iPhone 8, 8 Plus on 12th September 2017 and will soon launch iPhone X, most probably this November. Apple has successfully completed 10 years and today the most of the market is covered by iPhone App Development Companies in USA.

Hence on the 10th Anniversary, the company has decided to launch the 10th Edition of iPhones which is iPhone X. People are desperately waiting for the 10th edition which is not good for the 8th edition collection. If we look at the selling ratio most of the people are booking iPhone X.

iPhone users think twice before reaching out to any conclusion and this is what is happening with the latest edition iPhone 8. People first want to know which one is better among them as both the editions are getting launched quite close. Whether you choose iPhone 8, 8 Plus or X you will have to go for iOS 11 because this OS provides the best compatibility.

iOS 11 is mainly focused on improving iPad productivity but many other drastic changes are also coming along with it such as lock screen, unique control center, Siri will get smarter, screen recording, app to app drag-and-drop, big and bold etc.

Here we are presenting some genuine reasons to upgrade to iOS 11 in brief.

App to App Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop feature will allow you drag the apps or icons from anywhere and drop them to the dock. It is multitasking because it will allow you to the split screen mode and this is how you can use multiple apps at the same time. You can save up to 13 files permanently in the dock.

Notification Center turned into Lock Screen

You will get all the notification on the lock screen so basically, there is no notification center now. You will have to swipe down on the lock screen to check the notifications and to go back to the lock screen you just need to swipe up from the bottom.

Screen Recording

This is an exclusive feature of iOS 11 which allows you to record the screen of your iPhone or iPad. You can now avoid the boring screenshots and go for the screen recording. As iPhone App Development Services are providing support for the iOS 11 you can ask for their support anytime.

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Quick Access to the camera

iOS 11 will give you the quick access to the camera. You just need to swipe right or left on the lock screen and you are set to click a picture.

Chat with Siri

Now you can even chat with Siri so if Siri doesn’t understand your voice you can go for the chat support. These were some interesting and genuine reasons to upgrade to iOS 11.


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