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Get your Creative Juices Flowing with Dynamics CRM!

Companies these days are cashing on their creative abilities to not only to catch the eyeballs of maximum audience but to also establish their footprints in the market. With so much of competition in the market, it is extremely important to keep up your creative game as only appealing, innovative and engaging campaigns can help a company get high volume attraction. Though, creativity can be used anywhere, starting from the way you design your company’s website to the way you manage your social media portals. However, it is extremely important to make sure that the communications that you send out to the customers are highly captivating.

Here, comes the role of a fantastically designed CRM portal like Dynamics CRM. The CRM portal not only allows you to maintain a good relationship with the customer, but offers numerous ways to strengthen the bond, and in fact catch the fancy of more customers. It is used by the customer support, sales, marketing and a few other teams in a company, hence, it acts as a nice platform to connect different parts of a company as well.

Here’s how Dynamics CRM allows you to make full use of your creative knacks:

  • Add special touch to every campaign

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers the feature to craft customized campaigns for audience. A marketer gets to choose form a set of pre designed templates, and gets a chance to create personalized templates as well. The best offering of the latest Dynamic CRM version is that it allows the user to aesthetically shape the campaign exactly as the user wants. There are various attributes which can be used to curate a mind-blowing campaign. The marketer can sue any sort of graphics or messaging, and can reform the existing templates also just to create something that he thinks will work better.

  • Craft an offer than no one can refuse

Dynamics CRM has several features which allow the sales experts to stay laser-focused on most promising leads. The automated lead scoring attribute is specifically designed to distinguish between the tire kickers from the quick to drive off lot.

Say, a company uses powerful campaigns to market their products to the audience.  The marketing team will use the valuable historical insights outline the forecasters of the buying decision. Every click-through is tracked as well as is shown in the “Rating” of that particular lead. This really helps to keep a close eye on every lead. And, as soon as prospect reaches a certain rating, it’s the right time to send a persuasive promotional offer to the client.  One of the best feature of Dynamics CRM is that it automatically senses the need of pushing a promotional communication, as per the scores, and sends it on its own! Plus, the advantage of shaping our message the way you want always helps the user to create it as personalized, intrigue and fresh as possible.

  • Through amplified connectedness

Dynamics CRM allows the users to collectively build stronger customer relationships, and to together solidify their marketing and sale strategies as well.

In a company, all different teams eventually work together to sell a product or service to the customer. Sometimes, one team sells a different product than other. Now, in this case, the user gets an opportunity to learn from the customer insights attained by selling the product by one team. And, the other team can use data and information to promote or market the other products or services as well.

Here, in order to make the marketing communication all the more interesting, the power of insights can be used. Infographics, previous buying history, personalized messaging etc. are some of the ways, which can be used by both the teams together to craft attractive and effective campaigns. Also, involvement of different teams is used to enhance the creativity quotient of the campaign.

Dynamics CRM helps the users to break down the silos and, embrace the quality of working together. The sales teams can coordinate with the marketing team, and can build more creative products together. The service executives also access the customer data without leaving CRM, and hence, they also have the option to engage the customer by sending out intriguing replies.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the best CRMs and the world due a plenty of reasons. The solution gives freedom to the user and enables them to make full use of their creative knacks in order to create highly persuasive campaigns. Plus, with the help of analytics, insights, customer experiences etc. More flavors can be added to the communications.