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How To Have a Thrifty Wedding? Make it Memorable

Wedding Memorable

It’s time for you to get married and have the wedding you’ve always dreamed about. But do you have the money for it? While it may be tempting to spend on the best reception venues and wedding catering, your ambition may get the best of you at times. If you spend too much on your wedding without thinking, then you may not have enough to pay for your future needs. But don’t worry; read this article and you’ll make sure that won’t happen!

Stick to Your Budget
This goes without saying. While it is a great achievement to set the overall budget for the wedding, breaking down the estimated costs of every aspect will also help you to decide on what is the most important for you. It will also help to have a general idea of where the budget of most weddings go to. To give you an idea, here’s a breakdown of expenses:

  • 36% – Reception
  • 20% – Honeymoon
  • 10% – Attire
  • 10% – Flowers and Décor
  • 10% – Documentation
  • 6% – Entertainment
  • 4% – Invitations
  • 4% – Misc.

With this breakdown, you know which ones need the focus with your budget. You can find discounts and packages for the bigger budget consumers. For example, food will take most of the budget of the reception. Maybe you have a friend that doesn’t know any wedding catering service. Asking for a friendly discount will help you save some big bucks.

Be Realistic
After setting your budget and vowing that you will stick to it, you have to be realistic with what you have to work with. You may have big dreams with how you want your wedding to turn out, but you can’t have your reception in a castle if you don’t have the budget. So bring your expectations down to a realistic standard. You’ll save yourself and your partner the hassle of disappointment. However, there are some DIY ways to still get the same feel of your dream wedding at a fraction of the cost.

The most effective way to save some cash while planning a wedding is to do some of the things yourself – or at least not with a professional service. You would be amazed at how easy it is to create your own décor for your wedding; especially with multiple DIY tutorials available on the internet. Not only is it much cheaper than having to pay someone to do it, but it also adds personality. Who better to make your wedding feel like it’s for you and your partner than the both of you? Of course, you can ask help from friends, family, and neighbors to help with the physical part of it.

Also, you don’t have to go all out with the DIY. Even just doing one or two aspects of the wedding yourselves will help you save a lot.

Key Takeaway
A combination of looking for discounts and going DIY will help you and your partner to get the dream wedding you’ve always wanted. However, being realistic, you may need to set a few of your standards down to not get disappointed. No wedding is perfect, after all. But it’s the contentment that you will share the rest of your love with the person you truly love that will be your true happiness on your wedding day.


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