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How To Join the League of Famous Astrologers


Astrology is well acclaimed tradition in India and has a very special place in any person’s mind and also in life. The Astrology is better known as the deep study of the position and movement of planets, stars and sun and having an impact on human birth, activities done by them and the natural world. Astrology is one of the most followed traditions in India and there are a huge number of famous astrologers in India who are followed by people globally. Astrology basically shows how a person’s life will be by mapping the position of the planets at the time of his/her birth.

Many of the astrologers believe that movements of the sun, stars, and planets directly or indirectly affect the people’s life and studying and tracking about that events are heavens.

Studying Astrology

Three main tips for learning astrology:

  1. Read: You should read books/blogs/websites
  2. Talk: You should talk to other people interested in astrology.
  3. Study: You should take formal training.

Specific Tips for learning Astrology:

  1. Get a copy of your birth chart
  2. Study and understand the symbols that are related to the Zodiac signs, platers, and its aspects.
  3. Make use of free resources online
  4. Study the charts of friends, family, and famous people.
  5. Take a course on astrology, either online or locally.
  6. Attend an astrology conference.

There is a Five-step process that comes from years of talking to professional astrologers and comparing the notes with astrologers all over the world. The five stages are:


The best way to get training right now is to take correspondence courses, attend local classes, online training and private instruction under an astrologer you respect.


A less formal apprenticeship is possible by getting permission from your clients to make a copy of the tapes from your sessions and then you have to share them with another astrologer who can provide supervision for you. This type of work is so valuable and helps in learning from depth.

Getting Started:

Schedule appointments, get client’s information, know how to refuse work, have a quick way of screening.

Building Your Practice:

Treat every client/peoples with your full attention and patience. It will take time to build a practice by word of mouth, but it is the only way to ensure the roots of your work go deep enough so that you will always have plenty of work.

Sharing Your Knowledge:

If you have proper knowledge about astrology then you must share your knowledge to the interested people.

This is how the astrology is learned and the league of famous astrologers in India can be joined.

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