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The Must Try Veg Momo Recipes in India

Momo Recipes

Veg. momo is one of the most authentic Chinese recipes.  Momo is well known as dim sum and wontos in China. There are two major types of momo recipes, one is veg momo, and other is non-veg momos. However, the veg momo is popular in many countries including China, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and some part of North India. Veg Momo is a small snack, which has a filling of many fresh vegetables such as mushrooms, carrot, onion and much more. In the case of non-veg momo, it is dumpling with chicken, meat, prawn and much more.

Chilly momos
Chilly momo is otherwise called as C momo, which is all-time favourite momo that is dipped in hot soya sauce. If you want to infuse your creativity in cooking, then this is the best dish for you. Once you have tasted this delicious momo recipe, you never regret it. This is the perfect recipe for all the spicy food lovers.

Green momo
Green momo is one of the most popular momo recipes in south India. This is cheap as well as available at all the major restaurants. If your kids say no for fresh vegetables, especially spinach, then nothing is better than green momo. Spinach is the rich source of iron and vitamins, which is great for your health. By just adding spinach in momo, you can enjoy all these benefits. Besides being healthy, it is tasty as well.

Buckwheat Momo
Buckwheat is perfectly made for all the health-conscious people. It is safe and good for health. The yummy Buckwheat momo is packed with vitamins, protein, and nutrients. It is incredibly light and very appetizing. It is better served with hot and spicy chilli sauce, soya sauce, tomato sauce and much more. Buckwheat momo is perfect for everyone.

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Fruits Momo
Rather than making vegetable fillings, you can also make the Fruit fillings. Simply add any of your favourite fruits of your choice. This looks and tastes different since anyone can love it. If you want to know more details, then you can check momos recipe and just give a try to this wonderful recipe.

Open Momo
Open Momo looks funny and lovely. The veg momo wrap has exactly four openings, which makes it easier to add delicious momo sauces. Although it is open, it is safe and hygienic to eat. Unlike other momos, it looks unique therefore you should taste this at least once in your life.

Paneer Momo
Panner Momo is the finger licking momo recipe that is popular in north India. Paneer momo is well known as khuwa momo and cheese momo. It is better served with red tomatoes and chopped onion slices to add more look to the dish. This mouth-watering paneer recipe is perfect for all the dairy food lovers. Just give it a try.

These momo recipes are the must-try momo recipes in India. If you want to know the Hindi version of the recipes, then you can check on Veg momos in Hindi and enjoy the recipes.

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