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Effective Ways To Use Instagram for Promotion of Startup Business

Google AdWords has become an expensive proposition for startup businesses trying to build their brands through promotion. So has Facebook as it has started charging businesses for every step they are taking. In this scenario, you must be worried about promoting your startup business. There is no need to lose heart, social networking sites that are still free, engage millions of users or potential customers. Instagram is such a platform that boasts over 800 million monthly active users worldwide. It is the most effective marketing platform for all businesses, especially, startup brands.

Role of Instagram
Instagram is the path-breaking tool for all startup marketers for establishing and growing their businesses. Marketers appreciate and acknowledge that high-quality pictures are the most critical factor in the optimization of social posts. It is not just the businesses or the marketers that love Instagram; it is also very popular among the audience that is quite evident from its high engagement rates. Here are some effective tips for using Instagram in promoting your startup.

Important Tips to Follow
Consider posting numerous photos and by photos we do not imply product photos solely. Instagram as a business platform seems to be very much at its nascent phase and so here is your golden opportunity to create your brand presence and awareness as the competition is still not that fierce. However, do not go overboard and indulge in shameless advertising. You must necessarily use a clever blend of general and specific product images. You may incorporate quotes, click high-resolution relevant pictures and reward your audience with a unique visual content strategy and then see how frequently you get free Instagram likes from your dedicated followers.

Follow people and do not be shy to do that. If you are new to the Instagram, it is best to follow and go on following on Instagram because almost 40 percent of all the people you have started following would automatically follow you. You must consider posting photos of your unique products and services. However, do not be in a hurry. You need to be really mysterious. You must retain some information instead of giving away 100% details. Let your consumers comment and start asking for price or other important information so that you could build leads.

Come up with an effective follow-up mechanism. Your objective as a startup should be to sell your products on Instagram. Provide your target audience all sorts of details and information they are seeking and do everything that is within your means to stop them from going away. When people keep requesting for details tell them to use WhatsApp for queries. This way you could get their mobile numbers so that you could send good morning messages or important alerts about new products, or some special pictures to your loyal followers.

You need to follow all the above-mentioned tricks if you want your startup business to succeed. In all probability, for example, your brand may not be having a distinct visual advantage associated with a movie company which is known to be shooting amidst the glorious natural beauty and lush greenery, Moreover, you may not be as fortunate as a kid’s clothing brand which could consistently post pictures of cute and truly lovable kids.

You need to be creative and must take the initiative in posting some relevant pictures and videos. Remember beauty sells forever and so does uniqueness and creativity.

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