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The Secret to SEO and Instagram Optimization for Growing Your Brand

With a continuous growth in its popularity, Instagram is now the most preferred social media channel for brand marketing. Being a visual-only platform, Instagram has turned out to be the ideal place for photo-driven initiatives and promoting eye-catching product visuals. This somehow connects to the brand SEO, which gets affected by a business’s presence on the visual sharing platform. However, in order to optimize your Instagram and SEO simultaneously, you have to first make sure that you have switched to the business profile on Instagram.

There are a few secrets to SEO and Instagram optimization, which are mostly overlooked and are generally underrated. Brands cannot resist the temptation to run the paid ads and use the different Instagram tools for increasing their popularity on the platform. However, the trick is to follow these secrets for your Instagram success that will directly boost your SEO. Take a look at these tips that will take your online marketing to the next level:

Research Your #Hashtags Just Like Keywords
Keyword research and optimization is critical to SEO and every marketer has acknowledged this fact. Likewise, when it comes to successful Instagram marketing, the trick is to use and optimize the hashtag properly. Hashtags hold a great value on Instagram and can even determine the success of your brand on Instagram. After all, they are just like keywords that the users will type to identify your business and the content on Instagram. Hashtags are way cooler than SEO keywords, as you can add up to 30 hashtags in an Instagram post. However, the research is necessary for the smart application of hashtags. You can use some of the online tools and generate hashtags to engage some real Instagram followers.

Run Contests and Reward Your Followers
Holding contests for prizes on social media have turned out to be an effective marketing technique and Instagram appears to be the ideal platform for such initiatives. After all, you can add visuals to your contest and give gifts and rewards to the participants in a much creative and innovative manner. According to many popular brands and marketers, you can leverage these giveaways for gaining more Instagram followers and increase your brand awareness further which will lead to your overall SEO success. You will need to spend some money here, but the end game is solid since you will be getting a higher return on investment in the form of more user engagement.

Leverage the Business Tools for Promoting on Instagram
Utilizing the business advertising tools on Instagram is a very common practice among most digital marketers. This is because Instagram is the ideal social media channel for interacting with a large audience base and promoting your content in front of the right people. Paid advertising takes care of this duty and flaunts your image in front of the right target audience on Instagram.  However, prior to investing in paid ads, you should first properly utilize the free features that come with the business account. Use these features to get an insight and track your content performance on Instagram. This will allow you to choose the right images for your paid promotion and you can drive more traffic to your site.

Finally, these are the three main secrets to the proper optimization of your SEO and Instagram marketing. Adhere to these tactics and witness the wonders it creates for your online brand marketing.

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