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Which Platform [iOS or Android[ is Better For 2019

ios vs android

It always remains a very crucial question that whether an ios development is better or Android? This is an unending battle now. All tech related experts know well that Android and IOS are both top notch operating system now in all over the World for the entire range of mobile devices such as Smartphone, Tablets, Smartwatches etc.

The core reason for their popularity is the availability of the applications or apps in their app market. Actually, these apps offer highly advance and interesting features to end users to perform daily activities. With the passage of time as the app’s feature are going to become more popular and innovative, the need of a user is also increasing.

All the big IT companies and startups have become willing to provide better service more on the apps than their competitors. This ultimately makes a huge demand for mobile app developers. In this article, we will highlight some key points which one is the best development platforms? Whether you are a business owner or full stack developer, you must have a clear awareness about it. It is critical especially when you have an upcoming mobile app.

The number of Users:
The quantity can never tell a lie. But when we see the market share then Android must be the winner as compared to IOS. As per the stats of 2018, the Global market share of Android is 88% as compared to ios that are only 11.9%.

But, we should not rely on overall stats and must dig deeper into the demographics. For example, most Android users come from developing countries or low-income regions. On the other hand, a broad percentage of iOS users tend to have more disposable income.

Revenue Generation:
According to the user volume stats, it obviously seems that Android apps are generated more revenue as compared to ios. Ios may beat Android in terms of revenue generation and it totally depends upon the “nature of the audience”.  Due to a different segment of the targeted audience and their preference the figures can easily tilt to any side.

Development Complexity:
We have to look at various aspects of development once we come across the development of ios and Android. One key factor is speed. It will take a longer time to develop an Android app as compared to iOS app. The fragmentation is the reason behind it. But on the different side, iOS apps have a very few numbers of devices such as iOS, iPad and iPod.

Cost of Development:
Which one is expensive to build, ios or Android. Here we also can’t build any clear answer due to the various reasons. When we look at the huge number of Android users, the developer requires to spend more time in order to get a stable app. The longer time we require to develop an app, the higher the cost.

So it drives the result that an iOS is cheap? Not really. To design an iOS app, the developer requires Xcode which can only work on Mac. As a result, we can say that development cost has a very small difference between the two.

So, which is better between Android developments vs iOS development? As you can see, each platform has its pros and cons. You need to consider your needs, financial capacity, and target audience before deciding on the right platform for mobile app development.

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