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Must Use: Homemade Organic Pesticides

Your home is the place where everything is sacred and safe. As such, we as homeowners should do whatever it takes to keep our homes safe from anyone and anything that may bring harm to it, especially pests of any size.


Pest control is something that is widely used in all countries, especially when it comes to numerous infestations of pests of any kind. No matter how you put it, pests are everywhere. Luckily, there are numerous remedies to that very problem; in fact, many of them don’t cost as much and are friendly to the environment. Take these homemade organic pesticides for example:


  1. Salt


This item is one of the most natural and organic forms of pesticides there is. In fact, instead of just sprinkling salt in random areas in your home, why not create a sprayable concoction that consists of only salt and warm water? That way, you’ll be able to cover all infected areas of your home and decrease the risk of further infestations from these pests.


  1. Eucalyptus Oil


Eucalyptus is one of those plants that are known for its various medicinal purposes. Who knew that it can benefit you just as much in terms of pest extermination?


This plant is also a natural repellent to some pests such as bees, flies, and the occasional wasp. Just sprinkle a few drops on where these insects are usually found and, before you know it, you’ll be free of their presence.


  1. Boric Acid and Sugar


Mixing these two together can definitely bring an end to the era of pests in your home, especially cockroaches. Just mix equal parts of sugar and boric acid, set them in an area where pests are usually found, and just wait from them to come take the bait. The sugar is what baits them to the concoction while the boric acid does the job in killing them.


  1. Tobacco


Tobacco is something that’s universally known as a component used in the manufacturing of cigarettes. While harmful to humans when too much of it is consumed, it is equally lethal to pests.


Mix a cup of tobacco with a gallon of water and let the mixture set overnight. Afterwards, just apply it on anything that pests usually infest such as certain plants and other fruits they produce. Make sure that the mixture has a light brown color to it; if it’s a bit browner than expected, simply add more water.


  1. Soap


There is truly nothing that little bit of soap can’t fix. It can be used for pretty much anything, may it be as a form of cleaning, lubrication, and in this case, pest extermination.


For this, simply mix a bit of liquid soap with water, mix it or shake it around, and then spray the mixture on affected areas. Like many entries on this list, not only will this eliminate the pests that infest your home, but it can also decrease the chances of them ever coming back.


Key Takeaway


As much as possible, utilize as many forms of pest control in order to further protect your home from these tiny creatures. With these options in hand, there is almost nothing to worry about when it comes to pests.

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