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Promotional Bags for Your Advertising Needs

promotional bags

In my opinion promotional bags are the most loved giveaway items for companies and merchants alike. It is both useful and practical and that is the reason why it is the number one promotional items that companies order to boost their marketing campaign. But do you know that you could actually give different types of promotional bags depending on your target market. Here are the different types of giveaway bags to cater to your promotional needs.

Laptop Bags
If you are considering giving a first class gift to your most valuable customer or the most loyal client, then nothing develops more appreciation and feeling of exclusivity to them than a laptop bag. Aside from being able to carry their laptop when they are on the go, most promotional laptop bags also have some extra side pockets and bigger space to pack in more items like your documents, papers, pens, cell phones and other laptop accessories. As many people use laptops nowadays, this is the best thing to give to them although every unit item is a little bit expensive.

Sports Bags
If you are going to advertise on trade fairs or exhibit shows, then I recommend that the best bags to give to your target market are sports bags. People usually use this when going to the gym or to simply carrying or storing some casual items. The advantage of this bag is that it has a large print area for your brand name or company logo and so not only will it create your brand awareness to the bag carrier, other people can also become familiar with your product when they see the printed name of your brand being carried around.

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Cotton Shopper Bags
If you want to advertise your brand logo, help the customers and take care of the environment all at the same time, then this kind of promotional bag is the perfect giveaway. Not only will it help your customers carry their things without using plastic bags which can harm the environment, it is also an effective way to advertise since you can put in some brochures and even company catalogue inside the bag while giving it away. These bags are highly recommended to be given away at trade shows.

Advertising on a bag that never goes out of fashion, or being carried around by people of all ages means you have to choose a backpack giveaway. It can serve as a moving billboard for your company brand as it is always being carried around by people when they travel or commute. To be more effective you have to be creative in producing the design of your company logo on the backpack. It has to be eye-catching and you can do this by customizing the back with vibrant colours.

Conference Bag
As the name implies this type of bag is best given during a conference. It can include a paper and pen on it to help your clients put down some notes while they listen to a talk that could even be sponsored by your company. If your customers decided to keep the bag after the conference, then you get an added benefit since your company brand will be exposed to other people outside the conference.

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