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Reasons Why You Need the Cheap Cloud Business Storage

Cloud Business

Using the online storage to store personal applications has become a trend now for individuals. The rise in number of users has increased the risks of accounts being compromised and organizations are wary to use the service to store their business applications.  Service providers have come up with a more secure, cheap cloud business storage system giving greater protection against any hacking activities that could jeopardize the business applications. How is it different?

The online storage system for individuals is slightly different in features and is meant for an individual alone, the cheap cloud business storage is broader in features allowing several user accounts to access the storage with different permission levels. Users can contribute, share and store files and documents. The administrator has the control to decide and set limitations for each user. It also allows better collaboration options.

More sophisticated and advanced than the traditional storage:
The cheap business cloud storage is a vast improvement upon the outdated mode of in-house storage. Storing data on hard disks, flash drives and other external storage devices is all outdated today. Cloud storage has eliminated the need of buying storage devices. It reduces the risk of data getting lost due to the device getting corrupt. You may lose all your important information pertaining to your business resulting in huge losses. Cheap does not necessarily mean poor quality or low in costs. It refers to the umpteen benefits that your business gets with the cloud storage that makes the service cheap.

Scalable on demand:
Upgrading your storage during peak business takes a long time and effort in the traditional form. Any disaster in the premises can destroy all your data. With cheap cloud business storage, it is done with just a few clicks. You just notify your provider and can increase or reduce the capacity as business demands. It works more cost beneficial as you do not have to buy any storage device and leave the device unutilized once the rush subsides.

Location independence:
Perhaps, one of the biggest benefits of online storage is it eliminates the need for all employees, that are working on a project, to be physically present in the premises to share their work. Cheap cloud business storage allows syncing of files across all accounts enabling the employees to work remotely. They can access the applications while travelling or can work from home. Messaging and collaboration have made life simpler for the businesses where one can update their reports with tags and shared folders from any location.

Users can work on the applications on any internet-enabled device including smartphones, laptops, tablets in addition to the traditional desktops. This means work can continue seamlessly with other colleagues getting access to all updated information on their own devices. It thus comes as a cost and time-saving effort which enhances the business productivity.  It is possible to restrict access or set an expiry date for shared items, share the files with outside entities too if necessary.

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Employee efficiency:
It has also become a practice to allow the employees to “bring their own device” Most of the organizations today give their staff the freedom to buy their own equipment and maintain it. This gives the employees to be up-to-date with the latest technologies and work on devices they are comfortable in.

The cheap cloud business storage carries a subscription fee for the organization to pay. However, it brings in several benefits like better collaboration as detailed above, frees the IT department to focus on core business applications, the service provider takes responsibility for procuring the equipment and its maintenance if any. You pay your providers on the same cloud norms of “pay-as-you-use” rather than pay for the full device as is done in the traditional form of storage.

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Data backup and restoration:
Cloud hosting is highly reliable and your data is backed up across multiple servers away from your business premises. The cheap cloud business storage thus ensures safety. Even if a server fails or data is deleted by error or some disaster strikes, your data can be restored instantly and business continues unhampered.

It is important to choose your service provider wisely. The services vary in features and options from one provider to the other so choose one that suits your needs.