Safety Tips For Women Travelling In India

Safety Tips For Women Travelling In India

Every woman love to explore that too they love to travel alone! For Women travelers who are planning a trip to India alone must check this post! In India, you will find lackness in Safety to Women’s and it went to Indian Government consideration after the Delhi Woman Gang Rape. So come prepared for exploring India with fun and always be cautious. As per some survey reports, almost 94% of Indian women feel unsafe traveling along in Indian streets.

Before stepping outside try to observe your surroundings during your stays. And do this before your arrival and clothing should be considered too! Try to follow Indian Women dressing style by hiding your hands and legs too! If you are in the critical situation and become dangerous then call 100 for police. They will take care the rest!

So here are some safety tips for women who planned to travel in India alone. Let’s check them out!

My first safety tip is about traveling with your friends, not solo! Try to avoid traveling alone and it may lead to some sexually harassed or molested. Womens got right freedom of movement, but it is one of safety precaution that works in India.
While traveling by overnight trains, try to pick the upper berth to avoid gropers and other issues. If you are ready to invest some buck, then go with expensive train seat where the train car will have only a few passengers. This can make you feel better!
When you are swimming, try to wear a T-shirt and long shorts over a bathing suits. It is just like following the local Indian custom.
Don’t accept food and drinks from strangers. These things may happen while you are travelling on buses, trains and in public spots. So be aware! Sometimes it may rob and or sexually assaulted!
Try to avoid eye contact and body contact too! This is especially for western female tourists having contact with unknown may lead some critical issues. Don’t trust anyone quickly within a short time!
While traveling try to set next to other women and always looks for other women wherever you go!
Try to avoid night travel, mostly never ride in empty buses or train. Always be with your companion for transportation. And always visit the better-known place!
Always set your boundaries with your body languages like Indian women do. If anyone try to set too close to you, then raise your voice and tell ” Don’t try! Do not Touch!” quickly.
Always be alert to your surroundings and with the strangers. Maintain a distance between them and if they try to do anything, first try to avoid them. Then shout over the crowd and the rest will be taken cared by the public!
If you are out for your traveling along then try to act that you are already married and talking to your husband. Always be relaxed and bold!
Hope this post regarding safety tips for women who travel in India. Do share your thoughts in comments below! And try to put your suggestions down below. If you feel that I’ve missed any safety tips for women then please do let us know in comments below! Have a safety journey! Cheers: D
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