Some Train Journeys In India Are Rather Best When Embarked Than Skipping

Some Train Journeys In India Are Rather Best When Embarked Than Skipping

In India traveling in trains is not just a mere mean of transportation and in fact, it is one interesting way to explore the country and relish its rustic and uncut essence, that abides in the places that are far off from modernity and its materialistic nature. Indeed, traveling in a train is an experience of a lifetime and it simply worth.

Due to the right implementation of modern ways and techniques, today traveling in trains has become more convenient and comfortable, however, the rush through the crowd at the railway stations, checking for the berth, etc. still remain.

The good thing is that trains in India have come a long way in terms of hygiene, public convenience, and safety. Plus, with the introduction of several new express trains and the famous Rajdhani Trains, the time that you spend in journeying, especially in the long journey, no longer remains a concern. Besides, there are some special trains introduced by the joint venture of Indian Railways and the Tourism Department of India that provide an altogether different experience of journeying through India in a Train.

One of the popular train rides of Indian Railways that is fun when embarked then skipping is the journey on a Jamnagar to Ahmedabad Train. Both the cities fall within the province of the Western State of Gujarat and are two important parts of the parent state, with their own set of unique charms and attributes.

Jamnagar, on one hand, is every avid backpackers fantasy book of grandiose palaces, impressive architecture, sprawling parks and gardens, several Hindu and revered Jain temples, and many others to include.

Ahmedabad, on the other hand, is the biggest metropolitan in the state better known for its high industrial significance.

Both of the cities date very old and provide a glimpse of the electric character of the state. Until recently, manufacturing products made of brass, especially utensils, was the chief industry in Jamnagar. It is for this fact that the city was given the sobriquet of the “brass city of India”.

The city also hosts a large array of Hindu temples as well as some of the most revered Jain temples. It is only natural that the city is thus highly significant amongst the spirituals. Every year, thousands of pilgrims visit the city in search of religious quietude and rejuvenation.

Religion is one important aspect of the city and while you are here, you simply won’t fail to notice the influence of religion and traditional norms in the city’s culture. A visit to Sun Temple and Bal Hanuman Temple is a must!

Furthermore, Ahmedabad is a city that is perhaps the best exhibit of an excellent balance between the old and the new. It is an important centre of commerce and education. It is a thriving city and just often touted as the “Manchester of East”, thanks to the large number of textile mills dotting the city.

After Mumbai, it is the next most thriving city on India’s west front. Set on the banks of Sabarmati River, the city flourished under the rule of different empires and kingdoms and thus, is home to different historically significant monuments and citadels. Kamla Nehru Zoological Park, Lawn Garden, Kankaria Lake, and Gandhi Ashram are some of the major landmarks here that every backpacker is expected to visit.

There are several other popular train rides available. The Karjat to Pune Train ride is rapidly becoming a trend. The train ride is indeed memorable as it passes through some of the most scenic locations in India and there are numerous allures to relish.

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