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Specs of LG G7 are amazing


Quality matrix put on the G6, the flagship nevertheless, plus marketing this year is punctuated on the screen, the camera still, but we’ll talk about it later. The screen has a diagonal of 5.7″, IPS technology. Yes, it’s a lot, not everyone will be comfortable, but the size of the phone is narrow and long, so the use of it will not be heavier than a conventional 5.5-inch giant.

Screen resolution is 2880 × 1440, giving 565 PPI. Very good screen for films, and will soon appear more and more content in such a wide format, so went with the makings of a smartphone for the future. Not all games and applications support this format yet, but when you start, you can choose to run a particular application in which format. After the LG G6 success, LG started working for its next flagship LG G7.

This “seventh” G series smartphone is anticipated to come up with a 5.8” OLED screen (4K resolution). The best thing about the screen is its modern stylish bendable display. The next generation G7 smartphone is more powerful, glorious, durable and even highly protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Spoke about the camera, let’s continue to talk about it. LG G6 has two main chambers can shoot widescreen video and photos. Can even shoot at the two cameras are different stories, can help immediately to make a collage. Features and modes are many, including the PRO setting photo and video viewing is not enough to talk about everything, it’s easier to say, perhaps, that the camera cannot, and it may, in my opinion, almost all.

LG has not stopped itself for doing more creative things and going to give you the exposure of its latest created amazing camera functions with its upcoming smartphone LG G7. The unofficial news suggests that the upcoming LG G7 will hit the market in January 2018 having stunning picture quality with 12MP front cam and another rocking 22MP Dual lens back cam. Moreover, the splendid experience of Dolby vision or HDR 10 will retain as well with LG G7.

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The LG G6 processor is not of the latest generation, exactly as it was in the previous flagship, but to be honest, it is not critical, because the power is so high that it will be enough for the whole operation period of the device.

This is not so important to release productive smartphone; independence comes to the fore, as even older smartphones 2014-2015 and even 2013.

The performance is now almost not inferior to modern phones, judging by the games. Hope, LG G7 with its latest Snapdragon 845 SoC could be able to regain the company’s lost charm.

Here’s to you, dear readers, you can even record phone calls. Bluetooth is the fourth version of G6, but your smartphone can connect multiple devices. We do not give up such things as radio and NFC. With the beginning of the New Year, LG is planning to bring many new lovely things to you with its upcoming newfangled LG G7 smartphone.

According to the Korean publications, the LG’s next flagship will come out with its upgraded Bluetooth version – 5.0 promise twice the data transfer speed among its predecessors. The UHD calling and video calling is one of the best features of this phone.

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