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Bucket List: Best Things to do Under the Sun

The Sun has contributed a great deal to the world. Not only has this sphere of magnificence provided daylight for the billions of people on Earth, but it has also served as a source of life for an abundance of things; and with solar energy on the constant rise, there’s no doubt that you can do a lot with the sun.

Speaking of the sun, there’s no greater feeling in the world than being able to go outside and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere the sun provides, especially during the summer season. There are numerous activities you can do with your friends and family that are sure to guarantee a good time. With that said, here are some of the best activities for you to try under the sun:

This is a common sight when you go the beach. If you’re wishing to get that perfect tan for you to proudly show off, then this is one thing you can try. Just be sure to apply sunblock lotion before you decide to lay down and get comfortable under the sun.

What’s a little fun under the sun without some underwater fun? Besides, swimming is a great way to beat the heat, as well as get your adrenaline pumping should you decide to use the pool for a few laps. If you wish to heighten up the fun, why not add a few pool toys into the mix? Or maybe even a ball to play catch with your friends with?

Playing Sports
The sun can, undeniably, get a little hot sometimes, especially during the summer. While it can be inconvenient at times, it can certainly be turned around with some good old-fashioned sports. Besides, what better way to get your heart pumping and muscles working than playing sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, and others? Plus, you can invite as many people as you want, for fun under the sun is merrier with more around you.

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Island Hopping
This activity is especially popular in the Philippines. Sure, you get to go to the beach and have fun; but what if you were given the chance to visit several beaches in one day? Now that is a dream come true for every beach-lover out there!

Availing for this activity is simple. Just coordinate with a local, or your tour guide if ever, and show up at the scheduled day and time for the action to commence. Bring your friends with you and a camera so you won’t miss a single moment.

Going out for Ice Cream
If you’re wishing for a simple get-together with your family, there’s nothing more classic than just taking your kids out for ice cream. Besides the endless array of toppings and a variety of ice cream you can choose, it also doesn’t cost much to do. All you’ll need are happy people around you, and a palate that craves sweetness at its finest, especially the kind that really beats the heat.

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When it comes to the open waters, sailing on your boat on a warm, sunny day is one of the greatest sensations ever to exist. Think of the places you and your boat can go; and if ever you’re a passenger, think of the sights you’ll get to see while lounging around on deck. With this, the possibilities are truly endless.

Key Takeaway
There are numerous other activities to do under the sun to brighten up your day. If you’re wishing to know just what they are, just open your door, go outside, and breathe in the fresh air as you plan on what to do today.

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