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6 Things To Know Before You Plan Wedding

Wedding plan

Planning your own wedding is one of the most exciting, joyous tasks you’ll ever undertake. Unfortunately, it’s also laced with frustration, stress and the need to make some rather tough decisions. You’ll probably have to limit the number of people attending the wedding breakfast for budgetary reasons; the perfect dress may simply be too expensive; two of the bridesmaids who have never got on will seemingly do their best to derail your preparations. There are countless pitfalls and challenges one must face during the planning of a wedding.

However, fear not, for we live in a world full of technology that can help you immeasurably; there are apps, forums and other forms of online content designed to make the job of planning your wedding far easier. Equally, you’ll be glad to hear there are a few things you can consider before you begin planning which will put you in the right frame of mind.

In this post, we’ve picked out six vital aspects of your wedding day that should dominate your thoughts. They’ll help you plan a day you’ll never forget, stay within budget and ensure that stress is kept to an absolute minimum.

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#1. It’s your day – no one else’s
Ok, so Uncle Harry isn’t particularly keen on prawn cocktails and you know that the best man is rather partial to a bit of drum ’n’ bass, but designing your wedding day around other people simply doesn’t work. It’s your day, and if there’s a time you can be selfish and entirely self-centered, it’s the day on which you get married. Make allowances, of course, but focus the bulk of the day’s activities, scheduling and entertainment on your own tastes.

#2. Be careful with the date
It may sound obvious, but one of the most important choices you’ll make in the run up to your wedding is the date itself. Pick the wrong one and you could be putting yourself at severe risk of adverse weather or losing the odd guest. You can’t predict Mother Nature, but try and go for months that have historically been pleasant, weather-wise. Equally (and as much as it may pain you to do so), try and avoid any date that clashes with a big sporting event such as a World Cup or big local football derby (some guests will unfortunately opt for the latter).

#3. Don’t pick the first dress you fall in love with
Shopping for the perfect wedding dress is a bit like searching for the perfect home – you’ll never find it. It pays, however, to compare two or three of your favorites before settling on ‘the one’. The first dress you fall in love with may look perfect, but it might also be subject to a longer delivery time or only offer minor size adjustments. Shop around!

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#4. Distances
If you’re getting married in one location and holding the reception in another, pay attention to the distances involved. A short drive (or, better – walk) is fine, but do all you can to avoid a long journey that may result in guests getting lost and turning up late for the photos.

#5. Create a budget you’ll stick to
You’ll need a budget for your wedding, so if you’re thinking of attempting the planning with just a loose idea of the total amount you’re willing to spend, it’s time to dig out the calculator and spreadsheet – sorry. Of all the pre-wedding tasks, budget management is the most depressing, but it’s essential if you’re to focus on the things that matter (more on that next) and not splurge on stuff that will have little to no beneficial impact on the day itself.

#6. Forget the little things
Toiling over the type of table cloth to use for the wedding breakfast? Don’t. No one will remember the little things, and it’s those tiny details that often take up the most of your time. Sweat the big stuff – nothing more.

There’s plenty more to bear in mind when planning your wedding, but we’ve picked out the absolutely essential things you should consider at all times throughout the process. We wish you the best of luck in planning your wedding!

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