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Effective Ways of Building a Robust Instagram Following in 2018


Instagram is no more regarded as a fun app meant for teenagers. It is a serious networking, content marketing, and audience building platform for both brands and individuals. It is regarded as the most popular and effective social media platform with over 800 million MAU.

The greatest currency on Instagram is supposed to be the likes. When you gain more and more likes, your followers would certainly increase and you would be moving higher on the Instagram newsfeed. Instagram would be showing you posts from people with whom you have interacted in the past. If you wish to obtain more Instagram followers in 2018, you must focus on what exactly your Instagram feed would be looking like.

Today, the Instagram business profile is really critical to obtaining more Instagram followers. Instagram for Business is your very first opportunity to create a wonderful impression and tempt people to at once hit the follow button. Remember when you are able to create a consistent and robust brand story with the help of your Instagram profile and aesthetic, you could convert the casual visitors to your Instagram account into dedicated, engaged, and devoted followers.

In 2018, your Instagram profile has certainly become as important as your website’s homepage. Today more and more potential customers are coming to Instagram looking for brands and unique products. This implies you must also dedicate a lot of effort and time on your Instagram profile just like you do on your website’s homepage. Instagram marketing game has changed over the years and you would be requiring a fresh new approach in the year 2018. Visit to increase your fans and overall audience.

Check out the attention-grabbing ideas discussed below for your Instagram hashtags, captions, profile, and more. You could also learn what to post for obtaining more followers on Instagram and for boosting both engagement and visibility. Do not forget that your Instagram profile actually is a true reflection of your specific brand, services, or even the products, if it is done in a correct way, it would really not be that challenging to transform your casual visitors to dedicated followers. Here are a few tricks to focus on for creating a fantastic first impression and for obtaining Instagram followers.

Consistent & Curated Aesthetics
Your future followers wish to know and understand precisely what to expect from you if they follow you on Instagram. Therefore, you need to be consistent in your approach and devote some time and energy to planning out the overall aesthetics of your feed on Instagram before posting by using a fantastic visual planner such as Later.

Use Instagram Stories Highlights for Introducing Your Brand
The new Instagram feature Instagram Stories Highlights is just right for introducing who you are to your potential followers. Consider every highlight as an effective movie trailer for your brand, business, services, or products. Highlights present to you a golden opportunity to entice and woo new followers with fresh, innovative, and best quality content. You must convey to them through the Highlights what in reality they could expect from you and precisely what your business entails.

An Attention-Grabbing Instagram Bio
Your Instagram bio seems to be one of your most under-used Instagram features. However, it is critical to achieving more followers. It is quite challenging to describe perfectly who you are and what exactly you do, and why must others follow you. You may not concentrate solely on yourself while making your Instagram bio. You may in 2018, change your focus and concentrate on your customer instead, and precisely describe in your Instagram bio how your brand would be helping them.

You must ensure that you have incorporated a clear CTA into your bio. It could be in the form of asking them to buy a product or buy tickets for your occasion or event or subscribe to all your email alerts by clicking on the given link. You may consider taking the game to the next level by creating an amazing ‘about’ Instagram Stories Highlight for introducing yourself so that your new followers begin to know you better.

Use Your Instagram Stories to Boost More Exposure
2018 is slated to be a phenomenal year for Instagram Stories. Stories would be playing a crucial role in boosting engagement with your target audience and helping you gain more and more followers. Instagram Stories usually are found on the Instagram’s Explore Page that is open to everybody even people who are not your followers. They could watch your stories and may push the follow button if they are impressed. That is why you must have a nice and active Instagram story all the time.

Moreover, your stories could be found on stories for diverse hashtags and locations. You must know that Instagram hashtags and geo-locations have stories of their own attached to them. So Instagram Stories has a major role to play in boosting your followers. Even though Instagram Stories are at the moment slightly under-utilized, it is expected that in 2018-19 more and more people would be embracing it once they are more comfortable with creating and watching stories.

Pick the Perfect Hashtags
Using more hashtags used to mean more visibility simply because it felt like widening the net. This led to abuse of the tool in which single posts would contain lots of hashtags, or the same hashtags were recycled in every post. In 2017, Instagram resolved this by introducing the shadowban, a system in which posts were hidden from the results of hashtag searches if they employ the same hashtags over and over, are spammy or are buying followers or using bots and automation services to grow inorganically. There is a need to exercise caution. If you pick your hashtags wisely and keep improvising and ensuring a steady flow of nuanced content, you will be just fine.

You could get featured probably in the press, give a podcast interview, or even guest post on somebody’s blog and all these could be great ways of obtaining more Instagram followers. The Instagram algorithm is going on making a huge impact; therefore, it is becoming more critical to be strategic for obtaining more Instagram followers. Follow all the above tips and stay well ahead of the curve.