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Pedal Away – Why Cycling is a Great Lifestyle Choice


Cycling is not just a temporary fad. This form of transport continues to be a lifeline for millions and it is also being seen as the solution to many urban problems like pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and fuel costs. These are some of the myriad reasons why the urban dweller should start hopping onto a cycle more often.

A Healthy Habit
A short vigorous cycling session a day will certainly improve the rider’s cardiovascular health. Save on medical bills and keep heart disease away with this practical workout. Cycling is a very good exercise too. It provides a full body workout and is not as stressful on the joints. Posture improves along with core strength and leg muscle endurance.

Save on Fuel Costs
The savings that come from a cycling habit are also a great incentive to pedal more often. Thousands are spent on petrol and diesel every year and with fuel prices sky-rocketing, maybe a healthier alternative can be the answer. Bicycles are the cheapest mode of transport – no fuel costs at all.Along with being cheap, cycles are also the cleanest mode of transport. Indian cities are considered to have the worst air quality in the world and many cycling enthusiasts are playing their part in combating this.

Getting There on Time
In areas of heavy traffic, a cycle can provide a huge relief. One can lift a cycle away from a grid-lock – it allows the commuter to be flexible with the route and make impromptu decisions. Cyclists can choose narrower shortcuts and take routes that cars and other vehicles cannot take. On a cycle, one can negotiate spaces even if the rest of the traffic has come to a standstill. Sticking to the cycling lane is of paramount importance along with wearing the correct protective gear.

Explore on a Cycle
From a recreational point-of-view, there is a lot that can be done on a cycle. One can plan a nice trip through the various neighbour hoods of the city, discovering iconic eateries and landmarks along the way. Early morning rides in downtown are quite popular in cities like Mumbai which have a lot of heritage areas and by lanes. Evening rides have a separate allure, as this is when cities are in their most vibrant avatars. On a cycle, one gets more immersed in the surroundings, soaking in the sights, smells and sounds of the place.

Cycling is also a delightful way to explore the countryside and outskirts. Open fresh farmland, hidden groves and lakeside trails are just some of the attractions of a rustic cycling getaway.

Rent a Cycle
Owning a bike is not the only way to enjoy the simple joy of riding a bicycle. Apart from the initial investment, storage and maintenance can be a hassle. One can get a cycle online via platforms like Pedl in many Indian cities. It is very easy to find a Pedl station. Riders just need to pay via an online wallet and unlock the cycle. A cycle rental is also a smart choice for someone who is just discovering the activity and exploring possibilities.


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