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6 Reasons You Should Visit China?

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China has plenty to offer to travelers and tourists at heart. Here’s a list of excellent reasons why you’ll want to make your next family vacation a trip to the People’s Republic of China.

Visit the giant pandas
Could there be a sight cuter than these giant, fluffy pandas? These cute and adorable creatures are on the world’s list of endangered species, the Huffington Post says. If you’ve never seen a panda in real life, then your trip is the best time to pay a visit and see these pandas in action.

Enjoy Paris of the East
Shanghai is often called Paris of the East for the city landscape and bustling hub of buildings. You’ll find plenty to love, from restaurants and parks to landmarks and local sights.

Explore the provinces
Outside the metropolis, there are plenty of provinces where the tourist trade is clearly in its infancy. That means little to no tourist traps and scams to deal with. You’ll get charged like everyone else instead of having to shell double or even triple for the food you eat.

Enjoy the food and drinks
From a bite of delicate xiaolongbao to noodles, wine and more, there’s a ton to love about Chinese cuisine. You’ll be in for quite a treat, whether it’s a damp winter day or a sweltering summer afternoon. Try the hairy crab, the Shaoxing wine, and the Hong-chang, Serious Eats says, along with the roasted Peking duck, stuffed buns, and more. Just trying out all the delicious food in the land will fill up your itinerary for days. Stay longer if you have the time. If you want to cover more ground, think about hiring a tour agency. With China tours can help you eat your way through the country to your heart’s content, all while you take in local sights and landmarks.

Know when to go
If you want to experience the holidays in China, then pay a visit during the Chinese New Year. However, you’ll find yourself dealing with millions of locals on the move. That’s going to mean crowded tourist spots and restaurants. If you want a more relaxed trip, it may be a good idea to time your vacation pas the Chinese New Year, which usually happens from mid to late January or during the second to the third week of February. Golden Week, which happens during the first week of October, is also a busy time. Unless you plan on going to the provinces, city sights will probably packed. Consult your tour agency on when the best time is to go for China tours.

Bring friends and family
There’s nothing quite like the thrill and excitement—as well as the chaos and madness—of traveling with friends and family. You may have pyramids of Samsonite bags with you but you’ll also have a lot more fun when you share many of these first-time experiences with your loved ones.

Go ahead and plan that trip today. For more fun and less hassle, hire a trip agency to help you plan your trip from day one.