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Quick Guide To Wireless Charging in Samsung Galaxy S7

Wireless Charger

Charging your phone is one of life’s necessities, as one way or another, your phone battery, like the ones in your Samsung Galaxy S7, will always run out. While charging your phone is always a regular everyday task, there will always be a tendency that your charging cables would get tangled around various items, which might cause damage to your cables.

With the latest technology available, charging cables will soon become a thing of the past, as wireless charging technology is now available for certain phone models, which includes the Samsung Galaxy S7. With that in mind, here is a short guide on wireless charging.

How does it work?
Wireless charging has been around for a while already, and has been proven to work on various phone models, like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8. While wireless charging still does not mean you would be able to go around anywhere while your phone just charges up, you won’t have to deal with cables anymore.

This is thanks to the wireless charging pad technology, which provides a surface in which you can charge your phone without the need of plugging it in. All you need to do is to place your phone on the pad, and you’re ready to go. Wireless charging works by using two coils that emit frequencies that would be able to give your phone some charge.

What are the advantages of a charging pad?
With a charging pad, you will no longer have to bring charging cables, which can tangle up when you are bringing it in your bag or case. You also won’t need a phone charging unit, which can be cumbersome to carry around as well. This lessens the risk of getting shock, sparks, or jolts that happens when your plug or unplug your charger, which can harm you.

Other than lessening the risk of getting grounded from electric charge, you can also use your charging pad on other devices as well, like your Samsung tablet, which is a good gadget partner to your Samsung Galaxy J7. This means you only need to bring one charger for all of your devices, which means more space in your bag.

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Wireless chargers are also good for the environment as well, as you would no longer have to buy more charging cables that tend to break after regular usage. This would lessen the amount of electronic waste that people are producing by a good margin.

Are there any disadvantages?
While wireless charging is convenient and environmentally friendly, it is still a new technology that needs more refinements. Wireless charging is not as fast as plugged charging, which means that you will have to let your Samsung Galaxy J7 rest on your charging pad for a long amount of time. Another issue is the price, since it is a new technology that has not been widely distributed in the market. Despite these disadvantages, it is still a technology that can still be refined after a few years.

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Key Takeaway
Wireless charging is the technology of the future, and will soon be one of the regular items in our homes and offices. With wireless charging available for phones like the Samsung Galaxy J7, you better get one and try it out yourself.

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