12 Wedding Color Combination Ideas need to know

Colors are important in life. They evoke emotions and make even a dull place come to life. Be it festivals or some occasion, everything is incomplete without color. Wedding is one such occasion. Be it a white wedding or an Indian wedding, colors play a crucial role in the décor of the venue, dresses of the bride (Indian), bridesmaid, the theme of the party, or the invitation color and so on.

The color used in every aspect of the wedding has to complement each other, and work together to set the mood. But picking colors for your wedding is a tricky thing as you have to make sure they work in harmony with each other.

Here are some color ideas that you may find suits your wedding theme perfectly.

Pastel peach

The pastel and peach color can bring out quality and subtleness in your wedding invitation and theme. It is perfect for a couple who is planning a garden wedding with only close friends and family.

Bounty Fresh

Another color theme that is light but speaks volume is bounty fresh. In this palette, you can use classic colors that complement each other like green and orange. If you want to use this palette on a traditional marriage invitation, pair it with creamy tones of ivory and rose.

Red wine

It is a contemporary color palette for a modern wedding. It uses red as the main color in combination with accents in dark green colors and analogous tones. You can balance the combination of colors by using the main color sparingly with light pastel kinds.

Farm Fresh

For the couple who are getting married in spring, this design is perfect. It uses the right shades of pink and green to match the decoration with the beautiful weather. It may look like the palette uses a lot of colors, but it is just a variation of green and red. The whole palette makes the design fresh and less cluttered.

Summer Solstice

It is a summer palette as the name suggests. It combines the colors- light taupe, deep green and yellow. It is perfect for a wedding held in the outdoors.

Green Feline

For cat lovers, this wedding invite theme idea is just right. Little green cats on an invitation is unconventional. But if you apply the color palette right, it will be a great modern design.

Charcoal Rose

In this design, you would require a simple solid charcoal background, and red and pink roses on it. To make this design work, keep in mind that the highlights shouldn’t be overpowering. Don’t make it too dark or bright otherwise, the message would be lost.

Madison blue

For a royal wedding or if you want your wedding to have a royal touch, this color idea is for you. Dark blue background with gold typography is great for a traditional wedding.

Peach vanilla

One of the most used color palette for a wedding invite is peach. If you want to give a twist to this color, pair it with black pearl tone.

Morning spring

It uses a combination of colors. Teal, shady pink and orange emphasize the invitation. It is a great theme, but only if you use the colors sparingly. Overusing them can make it overwhelming.

Gold and olive

If you want an invitation that is both modern and rustic, use this theme. The color combination of gold and olive makes it look rustic, and using a handwritten font can make it look modern.

Wine and rose

Roses and wine are two of the most indispensable part of a wedding. That is why using this theme in your invitation can be a clever idea. It uses roses on a wine color background, making it look regal and robust.

Which of these designs did you like the best? Tell me in the comments below.


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