Decoding Men’s Fashion from The 1980s

Men’s Fashion

Fashion in the 1980s was one of a kind and there was nothing that had preceded it. It was a time when the world was moving towards global peace and discouraging war while promoting harmony. The political instability, threat of a foreign attack and possible rebellion by the rising counter culture led to the commencement of a new, fresh fashion sense in both men and women.

The 1980s was a decade filled with long hair, bright coloured shirts and trousers for men and women, loose and tight garments and a number of gaudy accessories. Both in India and around the world, the notion of fashion was rapidly changing and turning into a breeding ground for new ideas and elaborate designs in clothing and footwear.

Men in the 1980s

Men during this decade could be seen wearing bold patterns and bright colours, which was contrary to men’s fashion up until this time. With the introduction of disco to the world, the 1980s had a separate and unique charm that led to this change. Tight jeans and trousers for men, along with parachute pants seemed to be the new wardrobe essentials for males.

Shirts and Sweaters were not in simple, solid designs, but rather in bold geometric designs and Hawaiian prints were in vogue. Sweaters with a thick, boxy cut were abundant and paired with tight jeans or trousers for men. Jackets with a “members only” black tag were worn by a number of men. If you are looking for something similar to wear, check out cotton-polyester jackets with an elastic waistband, a zipper front, nylon lining, snap at the neck and elastic wrists. You can top this off with a trench coat in a solid dark colour for those cold winters.

Snug Jeans with a light acid wash were the defining apparel of this era. This style has once again been revived with numerous metropolitan males turning to slim fit jeans and trousers. Baggy jeans are as passé today as they were in the 1980’s.

Parachute Pants that came to the fore during this time were tight at the waist and baggy towards your feet. Shiny synthetic material with multiple zippers was considered stylish and was widely worn by young men.

The look of the actors in ‘Miami Vice’ seemed to be inspired by the professional looking pastel suits that were abundant during this decade. A conservative cut jacket in a bright pastel shade was paired by white trousers for men to give them a professional and up market look.

Shoes too had undergone a drastic change, since the use of formal black boots and dark shades was decreasing. Due to the disco scene, loafers were ideal for a visit to the disco with friends. Even today, sneakers have taken a backseat to loafers since they can be worn as easily to a party as they can to work. Back then, loafers were paired with pastel suit jackets and a number of other conservative styles.

While loafers were fit for the formal look during that time, heavy boots and ankle length sneakers began to gain popularity with the younger generation. People wearing parachute or acid wash jeans usually completed their look by incorporating a heavy pair of boots or sneakers. These lace-up boots were usually worn in a dark brown or black colour, with a thick sole.

Finally, Hair Styles were much more bold, heavy and elaborate. A volume-enhancing hair product that made the hair appear thicker was used to give an extra lift. Hairsprays and hair care products were not just restricted to women in the 1980s. It was during this time that thick curly hair was more fashionable than straight long or short hair.

The 1980s brought with it a plethora of colours and fresh new style sense for both men and women. A number of the recent trends seem to be inspired from this time, including a wide range of trousers for men.

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