3 Things To Do After Hail Damage To Your Vehicle

hail damage to vehicle

There are few things worse than hearing the telltale sounds of a hailstorm and knowing that your car is sitting outside unprotected. If it has sustained damage of this kind, there are several steps you should take to repair the dents.

Schedule an Appointment

Do-it-yourself methods of hail repair range from using a hair dryer to simply leaving your car out in the sun for a few hours. As most of these will not work or result in an improper fix, it’s best to save yourself the aggravation and call a specialist. Do an internet search for hail damage repair Lakewood CO or in your city of choice, and let the professionals fix your vehicle.

Clean Your Car

It may seem strange but washing your car prior to its estimate is important. The shop needs the vehicle to be clean of debris and dirt in order to accurately see and assess the damage. This step will help prevent delays or inaccurate pricing. Take a quick trip to the car wash or clean the affected areas off at home.

Check Your Insurance

Depending on your policy and where you live, the damage done to your vehicle may be at least partially covered. Every insurance agency will handle hail differently. Give your company a call to see what’s covered and what information you need to gather in order to process your claim. Take this step at the beginning so that there are no surprises regarding your insurance down the line.

Although keeping your car covered in a garage will help prevent hail damage, it’s impossible to completely avoid it if you live an area where these storms are common. No one wants it to happen to their vehicle but having a system in place will help ease the process along and reduce your frustration.

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