5 Key Attributes of a Successful Chef

Do you aspire to be a successful chef one day? There are lot of professionals in the culinary world who are proud of their work and feel elated every time their dishes are praised. Talent is important but some of the best chefs share the same qualities. As is the case with anything that we are passionate about, constant practice, determination and zeal is what a good chef will reflect on and preach about.

Here is the list of some of the qualities that are required to excel in the culinary art.

Cooking is the blend of science and art. There are techniques and skill that need to be learned, but it is the creativity with which you will prepare the dishes that will impress a person. Creating new ideas and taking risks is all part of being in the kitchen. A chef must always be ready to try something new. The taste of the food and its presentation is inspired by creativity which is very significant to the overall dining experience. The creative thinking and its implementation has to be passionate and long lasting because as a chef you will be challenged on a daily basis.

Ability to Work in a Team
You are never alone in the kitchen. From the moment you step into the kitchen till the moment you step out, you will be working with plenty of other people. Prep cooks, kitchen assistants, chefs de parties, boulangers, potagers, grillardins, sous chefs and executive chefs – you will never be alone. Not only your talent as a chef but your ability to work in a team will also determine your success in the world of gastronomy. You need to be a team player to be a valuable asset to the kitchen staff. The key to success is to be able to know how to work your way into a group and how well to coordinate with others.

A chef will always have his/her hands full, pun intended. It is going to be very crucial to do a lot of things at once so as to be a successful chef. Taking ingredients from the fridge, storing food properly by placing them in proper containers, prepping vegetables and continue to sauté while working on the tasks given to you before are to be done all at once. During the heavy workflow of the kitchen, you need to be able to be level headed as multi tasking is what a good chef has to ace. To be able to manage a number of small tasks all at once is a skill in itself all the while ensuring that the food that you will serve is scrumptious! After all the deliciousness of the food is what will keep those customers coming back for more.

Attention to Detail
Giving attention to the details is perhaps one of the most important traits of a successful chef. The process of cooking is very complex, measuring every ingredient and mixing everything together to prepare that perfect dish. A little undercooked or overcooked steak, a garnish missing or a strand of hair in the risotto can all ruin a perfect dining experience. A chef must pay attention to all the details and be aware of it. It is very crucial to be able to see the complete dish and have the ability to recognise if anything is amiss.

Ability to Handle Criticism
Great chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver admit that they always have something to learn. All the best chefs in the world do. Since it is a matter of personal opinion, not everyone will like everything you prepare therefore a good chef should not take bad reviews personally. Criticism should be taken as an opportunity to learn and improve your skill and technique. Critiques can help you to stay on top of your game and you must use them to always make improvements. It is always better to adapt and experiment with new cooking style to keep restaurant owners and diners happy.

These key ingredients are crucial to the success of a future chef. Keep your vision for success clear and make sure that you really strive to be where you want.

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