5 Mistakes Pet Owner Should Avoid At Any Cost

As a pet parent, you will want to show your love and affection to your furry friend all the time. But, here you need to understand that showcasing love is not always good for our pets. There are certain behavioural traits that we don’t pay attention to, which can be risky for our pets in the long run.

We have written this post to help you understand which activity and behaviour are not in your pet’s best interests. Take a look at these 7 risky mistakes that pet owners make and make sure that you are not repeating these.

1. Do not cuddle them all the time

We understand that each time you see your cute bundle of fur playing, you just want to grab them tightly and hug them all the time. But you should know this – while it’s one of your favourite things to do, your pet doesn’t really like it. This is one of the most confusing situations for them as it doesn’t happen in their world. So instead of squeezing them tightly out of nowhere, teach them to follow your commands in a manner that lets them know that it’s time to hug.

2. Do not wake them up when they’re fast asleep

Just like us, dogs too don’t like to be disturbed while sleeping. When they are taking a small nap, they want you to not interrupt them at all. So when your four-legged friend is sleeping, do not wake them up just because you want to play with them. Give them their time and space. Remember, waking them up suddenly from sleep suddenly can be stressful for them.

3. Do not stare at them

How do you feel when somebody constantly stares at you? You’ll be uncomfortable right? The same happens with pets. In other words, when they are stared at continuously, they feel unsafe and can react by attacking you. So instead of constantly looking at them, compliment your pet, stroke their back and don’t make them feel nervous.

4. Do not let them be lazy

Pets need some physical activities to help them stay healthy and active. So, when your meow or pup is done eating food, take them out for a walk. Lack of physical activities can create problems of the joint as well as other health problems in pets at a later stage.

5. Never share your food with them

We know it is the most difficult thing to do but you have to stop yourself from sharing food with them at all costs. The food we eat is not good for their health which is one major reason for you to stop feeding them from your plate. They should be fed food that is specially made for them. To know more about the best suitable food for your furry buddy, consult your vet and get the right food chart for them.

6. Never use one tray for all pets

Sharing one tray between all pets does sound convenient but in reality, it is not something that experts would recommend. These small creatures need their personal space too, especially cats who can pick a fight any time. So make sure that you bring a separate tray for each pet so that they get their fill of the food without any incident breaking out. Also, fix a perimeter around their place to let them know of their space.

7. Do not delay their training

You will not like being tough with your cute kitten or puppy but it is something that’s necessary. If you do not train them from the start, they will misbehave and get aggressive as well. The sooner you start giving them proper training and teach them what is acceptable and what isn’t, the faster they’ll learn to be on their best behaviour. Apart from these basic mistakes, most of the pet parents take pet grooming for granted which is not good. Your felines and canines can catch infections if they are not groomed properly.

So make sure you are clipping their fur using a good pair of pet clippers to trim their paws and coat and pay attention to their other grooming needs too.

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