5 Ways To Reduce Glare While Driving

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Many of us experience a blinding glare across the windshield when driving. The sun glare makes it almost impossible to see properly. Glare at night can be due to dirty windows, mirrors or improper use of lights by other drivers on the road.

The situation is not only irritating but very dangerous as well. This is because it affects our visibility and increases chances of accidents. You shouldn’t panic in those moments.

So here we have listed some ways to prevent glare on the windshield and make your driving safe.


one good way to reduce windshield glare while driving is to get it tinted. If you repeatedly suffer from glares due to the angle of the glass, getting it tinted is a great solution. You don’t have to get the entire lass tinted. Even if you just get the top seven to nine inches of the windshield tinted, it will make a big difference while driving.


Another way to cut down on glare during the day and night is by keeping your car wipers in good shape. If the car wipers are working properly, they will ensure that the dust, debris, water is wiped off regularly.

On the other hand, if the surface of the glass is streaked or dirty, any light that passes it will scatter and create more glare.

Investing in quality wipers can significantly prevent this. Moreover, a broken rear wiper can damage the windshield leading you to spend a Santro Xing rear windshield price on a replacement.

Clean The Windshield Regularly

it is important that you clean the windshield of your Santro regularly, not only from outside, but inside as well. It will not only increase the life of the glass and reduce chances of paying for the Santro rear windshield price again but will also reduce the build-up of grime and dirt that can leave streaks and affect your visibility while driving.

Adjust The Mirrors

another way to reduce glare while driving, especially at night, is by adjusting the side mirrors of the car. If your car mirrors are properly adjusted, they will keep the glare of headlights of other vehicles out from your view. Start by adjusting the driver’s side mirror, followed by passenger’s side mirror and then rear-view mirror.

Avoid Looking At The On-coming Traffic

sometimes, even when the mirrors are adjusted, and the glass is cleaned, you still face glare. At night, it is due to improper use of headlights by other people. In that case, avoid looking at the oncoming traffic directly. Instead, focus on the white lines that are on the side of the road.

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