6 Home Layout Mistakes New Homeowners Should Avoid

A perfect floor plan is crucial for a cleverly designed home that’ll stay functional for many years to come.Regardless of whether you have a home that’s cosy or one that is spacious, making the best use of that space is paramount.

Conceptualizing a layout for your home is one big task, but all it requires is to plan everything carefully in advance. If your living space doesn’t look how it should be, perhaps you are making one of the following faux pas. Read on to mend your ways before it’s too late!

1) Neglecting Lighting

If overhead fixtures are the only type of lighting you have invested in, you are actually making your home victim to harsh lighting conditions. Instead, addfocus points to brighten up your space with mood lights. Even basic additions, such as table lamps with warm lights can make a difference to your 2 BHK in Goregaon.

2) Excess Clutter

Excess clutter in nooks and crannies of your homecan make your living space look unappealing. Not to mention, you miss out on a calm and serene ambience, your home should ideally give you. Instead of piling everything in a particular place and ending upmaking your space busy, consider organising things in a manner which gives each space of your home function. Additionally, before planning out each room, think about the role of that room within your home, and also furnish it with the elements required to fulfill that role. This will help you achieve a de-cluttered and zen home environment.

3) Furniture Elevation

Imagine your favourite cityscape. Now imagine, the skyline with all the buildings standing at the same height. Seems unattractive, right? The same goes for your room. The furniture must be of different sizes and heights and elevated at the right level to achieve a perfect architecture.

4) Wrong Placement of Artwork

Artwork in your home is a reflection of your individual style and personality. The placement of artwork, however, is where homeowners tend to make a huge mistake. Placing the art too low or too high can create a disturbance in your entire room. An ideal height must be maintained to make your furniture stay coordinated with the artwork. Keeping the art a bit higher, usually, 8-10 inches above ground, can help you avoid the problem.

5) Mixing Different Styles

Over matching your home or sticking to just one theme can make your home appear dull and boring. Coordinating different styles and themes adds cohesiveness. Also, make sure you don’t shop for all your interior accessories from one place. Use your interests and travel to guide you in sourcing the decorative elements for your home.

6) Not Paying Enough Attention to Infrastructure

Regardless of whether you are designing your property from scratch or renovating an existing one, you ought to clearly take into consideration the infrastructure you are transforming. Drainage pipes, supporting walls and chimneys are some of the things you need to think about when planning the layout of your home.

Planning to buy apartments in Goregaon? Keep these pointers to create a picture-perfect layout.

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