Attract more Nature to Your Garden This Year

Nature to Your Garden

There are many ways to attract nature to your garden, it all depends on using the right plant, food or materials. Nesting boxes for instance can attract different species of birds, while log piles will attract hedgehogs. It should depend on the type of nature you want to attract to your garden. Here are some tips and ideas that can help you attract nature to your garden;

#1 Create a small insect habitat
Experts believe that attracting insects to your garden will attract all other components of nature because most amphibians, and reptiles feed on them. You can lure nature to your garden with a simple bug box and you can do this by cutting a hollow bamboo and then cut the length short before tying the insects to be bamboo cane. Hang the bamboo to tree or shrub near your garden and you will naturally attract all manner of crawling insects, and reptiles.

#2: Create a hedgehog house
In order to attract a hedgehog, you will have to create a dark and warm environment for the animal to hibernate, especially during those winter seasons. Many Hedgehogs died during the unfavorable autumn fires, hence you can save those little mammals by attracting them to your garden. You can create a hedgehog house by using a medium size wooden box, where you can create an entrance tunnel and then drill a small hole by the side to create ventilation. Fill the inside of the box with dry leaves before placing the box in a disguised corner of your garden.

#3: Create your own DIY bird food and hang it in your garden
Most birds need more food in winter than at any other season, and you can get a number of cheap ingredients to create your own bird food, these ingredients include; dried lentils, dried rice, beans and dried nuts and fruits – this article from the BBC is worth checking out. You can add your ingredients to other food items to make them bulky and attractive to birds. You can mix nuts, seeds and lentils with melted Lard for instance because birds have a digestive system that can digest vegetable oils and margarine. You may also add peanuts, millets or sunflower seeds. Get a container with branches and strings and put the food inside (make sure it is a bit difficult to get the food out), to attract birds and squirrels- they will always come back for more.


#4: Develop a Garden Pond
This might not be possible for some, it depends on how much space you have. However, you can entertain the possibility of having many different fish, for example. You’ll also have frogs, toads and other creates visiting to the area. Thus, Swell UK is the place to go if you wish to bring a pond to your garden.

#5: Get some woodpiles
One of the simplest and most effective way of expanding your wildlife garden is the use of woodpiles. Make sure you choose a spot that has a partial shade and make sure it is not too cold or too dry to dry out the woods. Pile some wooden cuttings from trees and shrubs especially from species such as beech, oak and ash. Make sure the barks are still on the woods and pile them up on each other to create mosses, fungi and leaches, plus many insects in your garden.

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