How To Avoid Appliance Repairs In Your Home

Four decades ago, many of our household jobs were done manually. Usually, womenfolk did the cooking, washing of clothes, and keeping the house clean. But now, you have an appliance for every task. You have the washing machine for laundry, vacuum cleaner for removal of dirt in the floor, microwave oven for heating the food, and the air conditioner for cooling the room. And we forgot the most important appliance of all – the fridge. The appliance where you store raw and prepared food.

Proper maintenance taken at the right instant can help you save money on repairs. Yes, there are numerous instances where you depend on electronic appliances. But we forget or sidestep to listen to their problems of their parts. We always believe that our food will stay safe, milk will never get spoilt, dishes will come out clean, and the clothes in the washing machine – they will come out without previous stains.

Yes, even though all the appliances come under warranty, you need to give them maintenance after a specific time. And the warranty, they do not last a lifetime. You may have the best appliances in home, but after every six months, it is vital they need maintenance to last their lifetime. Home improvement experts specify it is possible to prevent repairs, failures and breakdowns of appliances with the right type of maintenance.

Tips to Avoid Appliance Repairs in Your Home
Mentioned below are the guidelines along with maintenance tasks you have to do once in a month or six months to prevent the appliance repairs. Yes, the most important part – you can save money and the appliance will not fail at an inopportune moment.

Washing Machines

Ensure that the clothes are clean. There should not be coins or metal items in the pocket. If you have left a coin, the pump of your washing machine can get damaged. A ink pen or ballpoint pen left unattended in the shirt, can ruin a entire set of clothes.

The golden rule – you should never overload the machine. Off balance or heavy loads can destroy the washing machine. There is a myth that the washing machine has a larger tub. It can handle large loads. Wrong. If you want the appliance to last until its lifetime, then opt for smaller loads.


Yes, you are a house owner who takes good care of every appliance. You take time to clean the link prior to every load. But still lint accumulates in the interior of the dryer and vent line. In an unfortunate situation, it can lead to fire hazards. So, you need to hire the services of a technician to open the appliance and vacuum it every year. And yes, the dryer vent also needs cleaning from time to time.


Do you want the fridge to last a long time? Then the condenser needs maintenance. If left unattended, the compressor can go into overheat mode and you may face chances of failure. Usually, refrigerator repair technicians find when they go for repair, the condenser of the fridge is covered with pet hair and lint. It is disheartening, many people do not know how to take care of the appliance.

Please note, the compressor is one of the most expensive part of the fridge. You just need few minutes to take the dirt of condenser. By this method, you can give a new life to your fridge.


The dishwasher? Yes, you can keep it perfect. You need to rinse the food off the dishes only with warm water. This activity is mandatory before you load all the plates into the appliance. The warm water cleans off the oil in the plates. The reason for taking off the food, is that the crumbs may need a outlet. Bad luck for you, they end in the pump, spray arms and drain lines making them clogged. Then you have no option but to call the appliance repair service.

Ovens & Ranges

During the self cleaning cycle of the oven, it can get very hot. The heat can generate fumes which can cause harm to your health and family members. The heat can also make oven components to fail. So before touching the self clean button, you should clear off the spills in the oven.

The igniter switches. In many Indian households, they remain directly beneath the burner control knobs. A spill can cause fire.

In recent times, you can earn money sitting at your home. So, it is necessary to keep the computer and laptop in top condition. So, it is vital to keep the fan clean, hard disk safe from viruses and spyware. This will help prevent emergency situations when working on top priority jobs.

Have you read the above paragraphs? These are just some tips you need to do to keep your home appliances in top working condition. Let us imagine, you stay in Bangalore and need to service your microwave oven. It is a expensive model and the very source of heating food for your family after a hard days’ work.

Being a working woman, your spouse has complained that the microwave needs maintenance. So how will you search for the best technician who provides the top quality oven repair service in Bangalore?

It is easy. You just need to check the best home maintenance company which has reputed microwave repair vendors of Bangalore in its list. Download the app and book a service. Your appliance will get maintenance service by the best repair technician near your locality.

You save time, and money. Also, in a similar way, you can opt for service maintenance from qualified technicians for all your household appliances by this method.

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