6 Bariatric Mattresses for Heavy People – The Best Mattresses Guide

bariatric mattress

Are you a plus-sized individual looking for a perfect mattress that can absorb your weight effectively and provide comfort for optimal sleep? Well, your search ends with a bariatric mattress. Designed specifically for plus-sized individuals, the products are durable, more comfy than the ordinary mattresses and equipped with features to bear the extreme weight applied to them. Read on about these 6 bariatric mattresses for overweight people.

1. Latex Mattresses

Since they are sturdy, durable and provide proper ventilation, the latex mattresses are another feasible option for relatively heavier persons. Made from a natural foam block, the latex mattress is cool and firm, with the right bounce and comfort level to bestow complete relaxation. Also, the springiness of latex enables effortless changing of position for those who are unable to do so because of excess weight.

2. Memory Foam Mattresses

This is considered the best mattress for heavy people. Crafted from higher density foam, the product is versatile and provides extreme comfort. It conforms to the body contours and has the potential to withstand pressure and evenly distribute weight. The memory foam mattress is known to alleviate lower back pain and reduce pressure points, thereby lowering the risk of skin infections. Further, it has antibacterial properties and can be used safely by people afflicted with severe allergies. You can also go for a custom size memory foam mattress as per your requirement.

3. Avena Foam Mattresses

These mattresses are well suited for larger people. Avena foam has properties similar to latex but is more durable, cushiony and resilient. It delivers an extraordinary cool sleep thanks to the superior airflow. That’s not all! The foam has the potential to provide sleepers with pure comfort, the best possible support, stability and contouring for pressure relief.

4. Hybrid Mattresses

This is another preferred mattress for heavy and overweight individuals. Made from a combination of two materials (latex/ memory foam, and coil/spring system) it confers the benefits of both technologies to the user. The hybrid mattress provides outstanding support, contouring, and comfort for a good night’s shut-eye. What’s more, it’s durable (coils hold up for years) and is economically priced.

5. Air Mattresses

The air mattresses that come with load-bearing capacity are perfect for larger people. Made from the premium quality material, the units are designed to provide extra comfort and circulation for an enjoyable sleeping experience. The medical air mattress also play a crucial role in preventing issues like pressure sores and skin infections in bedridden patients. Some air mattresses are outfitted with air bladders that automatically inflate or deflate to assist users with activities like movement and positioning.

6. Innerspring Mattresses

An innerspring mattress also does a good job for heavy people. Made from a range of coil layouts, the bariatric product provides adequate edge support, bounce, good ventilation and comfort for deep slumber. However, there is one hitch. The mattress starts sagging and becomes uncomfortable in due course of time. To ensure supportiveness and durability, plus sized people need to buy an innerspring mattress with a high coil count.

We hope the above guidelines will help you make an informed buying decision while shopping for the perfect bariatric bed mattress. Remember, it’s essential to choose a product that is the best fit for your weight and offers comfort and support for a good night’s rest.

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