Beautiful Village for Holidays in Spain, Costa Brava

Holidays in Spain

Are you among those who are looking forward to planning a holiday or a trip? Do you want to visit some places which will not only enlighten your mood but will also give you the pleasure for planning? If your answer is yes, then you must visit Costa Brava.

This is one of the most beautiful coastal regions in Spain which you must visit. You might be thinking that what makes it look so appealing to you?

Then also there is nothing for you to get confused about. This read will help you in getting the same. When it comes to looking for the places which are available to visit when you are looking forward to a holiday village Costa Brava then you must go to:

Tossa de Mar

This place is known to be the centerpiece of this beautifully designed region. This is also termed as “Vila Vella enceinte.” This one is the last medieval town which is still standing on this coastal region. When you visit this place, you will have so impressive views available with you that you feel blessed to be there. Also, being the centerpiece, this place is possible with some part s of history as well. If you want to have any report on the town then also you can make it by visiting this place.


This place is known for its two most famous churches. These are:

Capella de la Mare de DéudelSocors (Chapel of Our Lady of Socorro)

When you visit this place, you have a kind of ambiance available with you which will not only help you in felling happy but will fill you with peace as well. You will get a surprise to see the ambiance as well.

Església Parroquial de SantVicenç (Parish Church of Saint Vicent)

This is one of the biggest churches in the town. This is created in such a manner that the whole city can reside inside the same church at a time. Also, the sculptures present here to mark the history visible to you and will help you to feel comfortable as well.


When you are traveling, you cannot forget the beaches. This town has so many beaches available that you can spend the whole of your day here. You will not feel exhausted, even for a minute. Also, these places are available with toilets and bars as well. In case of emergency, you can switch to the same as well. Also, if you are among those who love sports then also you can visit these beaches. These will give you a reason to get indulged in games again without even thinking twice.

Food court

Food of this town is filled with an immense taste that you will not find the same feeling available with you somewhere else. You will have all the flavors available in a single dish. It will be a combination of salty and sugar. For convenience, you must visit Sa Barca this place will let you know about the taste well.

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