Top 5 Best Hairstyles for Women in 2021

Best Hairstyles for Women

Like beauty and makeup trends, hair trends are not behind. There are tons and tons of unique quirky trends, which are always new in the market.

If you happen to be the kind, who loves experimenting, then you should read this. We are listing down the top 5 hairstyles that will be rocking 2016!

The Lob

The long bob came in trend last year but looks like it is here to stay. The basic idea behind a lob is that it is a shoulder haircut which is like a bob cut. It is longer than the bob, which is why it is called the lob (long bob).

A lot of women are continuing with this trend and beach waves look excellent with this haircut.

Long Fringes

This trend is more for men than women. It is, basically, the current hairdo Justin Bieber has been seen sporting a lot. Long fringes, side-parted or a long Mohawk with buzzed hair on the sides.

This hairdo is soon becoming a trend so don’t miss out on this. You can easily get it done from a nice salon. Make sure you have straight hair for this hairstyle.

Fishtail 90s Braids

If you have layered hair, then you might not get this hairdo perfect but do not fret, you can trim out the hair and make it of the same length if you want to cut it.

Otherwise, the fishtail 90s braids are basically two braids from the sides to the end of your hair. This is yet another popular celebrity trend, which is catching on like fire.

If you love braiding your hair, then you will enjoy this unique hairstyle. It is advised to get it made from a salon if you want to create it for a special occasion.

The Plain Jane

The basic straight long hair cut and style will always remain in trend. No matter how many decades pass by, this is that one trend which never dies.

The basic idea behind this hairstyle is that you don’t cut any layers, steps or fringes in your hair. You don’t shape the back hair too.

You just cut it straight and keep it the way it is. This helps in growing out the hair well too. You can get this hairdo done in short and long hair.

Hair Dye

Well, this is not really a hairstyle, but it is quite the trend at the moment. Unique colours like purple, grey, mermaid blue and many others are making their way through the hairstyling zone.

If you enjoy experimenting with your hair, then you can try out diverse hair colour. Make sure you don’t damage your hair in the process.

So, are you ready to try on some of these hair trends? Find your favourite salon and get them done right away. For More Latest Fashion Updates, and Information about Best Hairstyles for Women, Visit Ground Systems Index.

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