Best Places To Visit in Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura is really a jewel of the Canary Islands crown that is quite hard to beat especially in winters. It is one of the second largest islands on the Canaries that are well known for untouched beauty and tranquil. If you are willing to spend your holidays at a very calm, relaxed and bohemian atmosphere, it is just a paradise for you.

Being located on the easternmost of the Canary Islands, this place is most often affected by the strong winds of Sahara. It is an active holiday destination, where you can spend your days while relaxing on the Caribbean like beaches and enjoying delicious local food. If you have all set with your holiday destination, just check out the best places not to missed out at Fuerteventura.

The Corralejo Sand Dunes

Don’t miss to visit Corralejo as it is one of the most popular holiday destination resorts in Fuerteventura. Being situated on the northern tip of the island, the place is actually 11 km long sand dunes that look just stunning and can fall anyone in love with it. Perfectly bathed by the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the sand dunes are being declared as a national park in the year 2002. Having a well maintained and clean coastline and flavors of diversity with various festivals on the beach, the place supposed to be one of the finest hangout places in Fuerteventura. It is also considered to be one of the best luxury hotels Fuerteventura.

Oasis Park

If you love nature and willing to enjoy the wildlife to the extreme, Oasis Park is one of the musts to visit destinations at Fuerteventura. Oasis Park is actually one of the largest Canary Island zoos where you can enjoy extreme wildlife. Don’t take to take the camel ride here, as it is going to give a round around this beautiful place. If we talk about the flora here, Canarian archipelago’s largest collection of cacti and non-tacky souvenir at Mercado Agro-Artesanal steels the limelight of this beautiful place.


The former capital of Fuerteventura is another one of the must-visit places at Fuerteventura, that will really please you with its elegant beauty and nature all around. Being situated in a deep valley just next to old and dried riverbed, this location was supposed to be a great shelter to wildlife in the past. Natural beauty is being kept untouched yet. The economy of this wonderful village is currently running on tourism mainly. If you love art and architecture things, you are surely going to admire this place as a various souvenir and handicraft shops are being situated in the town center. 

Ajuy Caves

Ajuy Caves is one of the finest and smallest coastal villages of Fuerteventura which is being situated near to the beautiful caves. Being situated at the western coast of Fuerteventura, space is supposed to be one of the most secret hideouts of pirates in the ancient time. Rock shores, clean and clear coastal line, just offer the glimpse of famous American Star shipwreck lying on the small Playa De Garcey beach. Sounds interesting right? Tourists can enjoy the local food at the village restaurants.

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