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Best Tiles Designed For Floors, Counters and Backsplashes

Floors Tiles

Visiting any tile showroom can be an overwhelming experience for you. Especially if it is of a digital wall tiles India suppliers, where you get as much range as possible. The samples are spectacular, but there are so many options at different pricing. This creates confusion about what to buy and what not. To assist you in shopping, expert panel of tile manufacturers, installers, and retailers bring some great tips on the pros and cons of the most commonly used tiles.

Ceramic tile
A ceramic tile will cost you $2 to $7 per square foot. Ceramic tile is a mix of clay, water, and minerals; which is fired and baked at high temperatures. Once baked and glazed, ceramic tiles are later treated with a liquid glass coating and baked again. This coating helps in developing a hard, stain proof, and scratch resistant surface. Unglazed tiles prepared by manufacturers are known as quarry tiles.

A porcelain tile can cost $3 to $7 per square foot. This tile is a type of ceramic tile fired at a higher temperature than usual ceramic tile. By doing this, manufacturers are able to make porcelain tile denser and less porous. You can use them for floors, walls, and backsplashes. You don’t need extra effort to clean them. Suppliers are providing several design options at affordable prices.

Cement tile
Cement tiles are handmade and cost you $9 to $17 per sq foot. These tiles are also known as encaustic or Cuban tiles. The only flaw is their costing. Many builders hesitate while using cement tiles due to its cost. Moreover, cement tiles respond to harsh detergents and acids.

Stone tiles
Stone tiles cost you $6 to $15 per sq foot. These tiles are coated with the layer of natural stone- slate, granite, marble, sandstone, etc. You can easily get the look of a granite counter top for less by applying granite tiles instead of a slab.

You can get as many designs as needed. Some digital wall tiles India suppliers are also taking bookings for custom designs. You can simply place an order for your project by sharing your requirements with them.

To know further about the range of tiles supplied by the dealers, take out some time and visit local tile market where numerous manufacturers and exporters are doing fair business.

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