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Visiting any tile showroom can be an overwhelming experience for you. Especially if it is of a digital wall tiles India suppliers, where you get as much range as possible. The samples are spectacular, but there are so many options at different pricing. This creates confusion about what to buy and what not. To assist you in shopping, expert panel of tile manufacturers, installers, and retailers bring some great tips on the pros and cons of the most commonly used tiles.

Ceramic tile

A ceramic tile will cost you $2 to $7 per square foot. Ceramic tile is a mix of clay, water, and minerals; which is fired and baked at high temperatures. Once baked and glazed, ceramic tiles are later treated with a liquid glass coating and baked again. This coating helps in developing a hard, stain proof, and scratch resistant surface. Unglazed tiles prepared by manufacturers are known as quarry tiles.


A porcelain tile can cost $3 to $7 per square foot. This tile is a type of ceramic tile fired at a higher temperature than usual ceramic tile. By doing this, manufacturers are able to make porcelain tile denser and less porous. You can use them for floors, walls, and back splashes. You don’t need extra effort to clean them. Suppliers are providing several design options at affordable prices.

Cement tile

Cement tiles are handmade and cost you $9 to $17 per sq foot. These tiles are also known as encaustic or Cuban tiles. The only flaw is their costing. Many builders hesitate while using cement tiles due to its cost. Moreover, cement tiles respond to harsh detergents and acids.

Stone tiles

Stone tiles cost you $6 to $15 per sq foot. These tiles are coated with the layer of natural stone- slate, granite, marble, sandstone, etc. You can easily get the look of a granite counter top for less by applying granite tiles instead of a slab.

You can get as many designs as needed. Some digital wall tiles India suppliers are also taking bookings for custom designs. You can simply place an order for your project by sharing your requirements with them.

Decorate your Home with amazing Ceramic wall tiles – India

Have you decided the flooring and walls for your new home? Are you confused which of the tiles to pick for which room? Not only for homes, but also for commercial purposes, these tiles are worth mentioning. With their growing demand and numerous designs, the ceramic wall tiles are the most preferred in India, in the recent days. Let me take you through the various types and features of tiles.


Out of the many, let’s discuss the commonly used type of wall tiles in the country:

  • Glazed and Unglazed – Tiles that are covered with a shiny layer thus giving a chic look to the tile, along with the colour, patterns, designs, shades and finish are classified as glazed. These are hard and slip-resistant in nature. Unglazed ones, however, are the ones with a uniform solid colour and thickness. These generally are not available with patterns or designs.
  • Mosaic – These are small ceramic tiles or glass or maybe layered with glass and sold in sheets. These come with a number of designs and patterns on them.
  • Porcelain –These are completely compact and maybe glazed or unglazed. The benefit of using these tiles are that they are frost proof.


Before selecting the tiles for your walls, you should ensure that they should be long lasting and should retain their lustre and shine. So these are the below features you should check before you finalise on the tiles for your home:

  • Stone or slate – Tiles can be made up of stones or slate, as a result of which they are either too hard or too soft. Most of these type of tiles need sealing, polishing, or both. They are available in different colours, shapes, shades, thickness and lengths.
  • Shade – Each and every tile differ from each other even if they belong to the same group. So, its better if you mix and match, like 3 or 4 boxes to mix up the tiles, in order to give your room the look people will envy!
  • Stains – For kitchens, generally unglazed tiles are preferred. That’s the place where the tiles get stained the most. So select your tiles carefully with respect to the colour and physical properties. However the glazed tiles are generally stain resistant.
  • Crazing – Hairline cracks below the shiny layer of glazed tiles is what is known as crazing. Movement, strong heat or cold temperatures, or adhesive usage cause crazing in the tiles. No glazed tile can guarantee you non-crazing. So, be careful so that your beautiful tiles don’t craze!


Ceramic tiles are widely used these days owing to their versality and low price compared to other materials. Their varying designs and colour make them the most preferred, not only in the country but worldwide. Some of the commonly use tiles are wood effect tiles, rustic wood style tiles, marble-effect tiles, matt coloured tiles, red and white clay tiles, patchwork tiles, octagon tiles, stone effect tiles, oak wood tiles, brick-style tiles and linear pattern tiles.

Home’s Interior Decorate with Wall Stickers

Complete Your Home’s Interior Decorate with Wall Stickers

Tile stickers are only acceptable for a kid, then you’re wrong – those days many stores offer you a broad selection of merchandise. Vinyl wall decals, stickers, digital prints and background really are beautiful inside design styles in contemporary and creative decorating.

Whether you want to decorate your room in the wooden style or clean shiny white or maybe matte antique finish – go ahead and select the tiles of your choice now! In case, you are confused which one to pick or maybe you can’t decide the style of your room décor, mix and match the several patterns and shades to create a unique design which your neighbours will envy!

To know further about the range of tiles supplied by the dealers, take out some time and visit local tile market where numerous manufacturers and exporters are doing fair business.

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