Best T-Shirts and Jeans For KiDS on Amazon

best t-shirts jeans for kids

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Best T-Shirts For Kids

Jungle Book Boys’ T-Shirt
This is really a cute shirt for boys. The choice of colours is really awesome, that is red and white. The stripes pattern makes it even more soothing. Boys love the theme of Jungle book. Once, they see this t-shirt, they will love to wear it all day long. The fabric used in the t-shirt is skin friendly. It is cotton fabric which makes it a perfect wear of summer. Also, it has round neck; which gives your child a stylish look. Don’t hesitate to buy this as the print on the t-shirt is also of good quality. Add fun to your boy’s life by buying this.

Motu Patlu Boys’ T-Shirt
This hundred percent cotton short sleeved t-shirt can be your boys favourite one. The colour of the t-shirt is electric blue, which makes it as vibrant as ever. The motu patlu cartoon must surely be your child’s favourite one. The cartoon print makes it a favourite t-shirt of your boy. The quality of fabric is really nice. But the advice is to wash this t-shirt separately to make it more long lasting and durable. The t-shirt is very comfortable round neck. The happy picture of “patlu” will make your boy happy after wearing this t-shirt. Go on and buy this cool t-shirt.

Batman Boys’ T-Shirt
Does your boy love batman? Does he love to show his strength and power? if the answer is yes, then do do add this cute purple t-shirt to your little boy’s wardrobe. The animated batman print on the t-shirt makes it very bright and lively. The t-shirt has very stylish round neck. Love for batman is inevitable in every boy. They are surely going to love this t-shirt. The cotton fabric makes this t-shirt very comfortable to wear all day long. The print is also of very good quality. It won’t break or crack after a few washes.

Superman Boys’ T-Shirt
This multi colored superman t-shirt is a very beautiful one. The superman logo on the t-shirt makes this piece even more unique and exciting. The logo says “Break The Rules” and little boys definitely love to break all the rules. They colour combination is a mix of grey, red and blue; also the animated superman logo makes it even more vibrant. The hundred percent cotton t-shirt with crew neck will give your boy a comfort and style. A must buy for you.

Best Jeans for Kids

Magic Attitude Black Jeans for Kids
Available at discounted online price from Rs. 499 to Rs 599, this Magic Attitude Black Jeans is suitable for kids of all age group. This is a black cotton jeans that is made from perfect material and stretchable fabric which is best for all kids. In addition, it has got half an elastic waistband and a belt. With regard to washing, one must ensure that it is washed in warm water. Also this jeans has got two side pockets and two back pockets. Further more, if you are not satisfied with the jeans, you can return it back within specific day of purchase.

Ello Boys’ Jeans
Made from 97% cotton and 3% lycra, this Ello Boys Jeans is available at discounted price of Rs. 912. This Ello Jeans is perfect for your kids of all ages and is buttoned. Plus, unlike other jeans, this is slim fit and you can easily get the required jeans of your choice and size. This is a regular fit denim trouser and is lightweight. So you can easily wash it using your hand or machine. Also it is soft and comfortable and has got an adjustable waistband. In addition, you can wash this jeans with machine and cold water, but avoid bleaching it.

USPA Kids Boys’ Jeans
If you are looking for an awesome jeans for your kids, then the USPA Kids Boys Jeans can be the perfect choice. Priced at Rs 1599 in various online websites, you are bound to make a lot of savings. Plus, this jeans is made from 100% cotton and is slim fit. Also one can get this jeans in variety of sizes. Most of the online websites have the option to select the size of the jeans based on the given age group. With regard to washing, you can use machine or hand along with cold water. and wash it separately.

Scullers Kids Boys’ Jeans
The Scullers Kids Boys Jeans is priced between Rs 1,499 to 1,549 in most of the online website. This is a perfect jeans which is available for kids of all age group. You have the option to select the required size based on the age group in most of the online websites. Also this jeans is made from 100% cotton and it is one of the best boy’s jeans with a button fly. For washing you can use machine or hand wash. Also the detergent to be used has to be mild and it is best if you use cold water.

Slub Junior Boys’ Denim
This Slub Junior Boys’ Denim is one of the fastest selling boy’s jeans. In most of the online websites, this jean quite in demand and you may sometimes it may be out of stock. This Slub Junior Boy’s Denim jean is available at discounted online price of Rs. 625 (where the market price is Rs. 1,249) and you can get the jeans of your required size. Online websites have got size chart which helps in selecting the required size of the jeans based on the age group. This jean is made from denim and can be washed using hand and machine.

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