Biba Will be launching 200 exclusive outlets in India by 2020

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If you love ethnic styles or urban ethnic styles like kurtas of different prints, fabrics, colours, patterns and cuts, indo-western looks essentials like dhoti pants, palazzo, jackets then Biba is your ultimate shop or brand. With Biba online offers you can shop online at discounted prices.

Biba is fashion retail store which was started as a small business out of the passion for fashion and designing by Meena Bindra years ago in 1988. Now Biba is a worldwide store and popular among people and has around 600 crores of business every year. The first Biba stored opened in Mumbai.

This summer season Biba has launched new collection which is mostly inspired by flowers giving you the feel of freshness in the hot summer. The basically includes the traditional salwar kameez and the mix and match items of clothing with floral prints and the exquisite designs will surely make you fall in love with the pieces.

If you are the die-hard fan of ethnic collection then this collection is only for and you must not miss this collection anyhow.

Biba stores are located many cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Patna, Mumbai, Indore and many more places offline and also Biba stores are available online for those who cannot reach to the store whether they do not have Biba stores in their city or don’t have much time to visit the shop.

Biba’s collection is amazing and you seriously won’t regret buying any of the Biba pieces. There are many cities where Biba stores are not available, for those people this article can bring good news. The good news is Biba is going to open 200 exclusive outlets all over India by 2020 so now you don’t even have to worry about the good-looking clothes.

Till then you can shop online Biba clothes with Biba online offers which can let you have amazing looking clothes within your budget price. In online shopping, Biba offers you a great variety of clothing pieces which mostly you won’t be seeing offline. Online shopping also has an advantage that you can have those things delivered at your place if you are located in easily reachable places and only minimal charges if you are located in little far places.

Since Biba clothes are designed keeping in mind the Indian Population, their need for traditional clothes and their need for not so traditional ethnic clothes, hence people who want to look stylish yet traditional must try Biba because they have all the things you will need to look stylish yet classy and stylish and when you will once try Biba there is no looking for other option anymore because of the Biba online offers provided to you and the variety which is available in Biba is not available in any of the ethinic stores and when once shopped from Biba you won’t even like other clothes anymore.

Biba is a great fashion outlet which gives you a traditional and stylish look at the same time and with Biba offers available you can do your purchase within great deals and offers which actually fits into your pocket.

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