Cleaning And Housekeeping Tips For Dog Owners

Having a four-legged buddy to play and hang out with means you cannot avoid exercise, that’s for sure! There’s no doubt that they can act as your friend with whom you can go on picnic and enjoy your holidays with, but at the end of the day, owning a dog involves a lot of commitment from your part and requires you to do several things, such as feeding them, taking good care of them and moreover, giving endless amounts of love.

To put it simply, having a dog at your place means you ought to take care of their entire routine and most of all, keep your house squeaky clean 24/7.

Now, if you have a pooch, it’s also necessary that you know certain hacks to keep your home clean and maintained without affecting the playing routine of your pet too much. In order to help you with just that, below we’ve mentioned some simple tips for dog owners to keep their house clean and clutter free.

1. Use furniture covers

If you are one of those people who loves to take a short nap or watch funny TV serials while holding your pooch in the arm, then you do know how hard it is to keep your furniture free from their fur. Of course, neither will you compromise on your nap time nor be able to stay away from your pet. So, instead of doing any of those, why not use a sheet or cover for your couch? This way, you can not only enjoy their company, but also keep your or bed free from their fur.

And if you want the covers to match with the decor of your home, you can simply opt for custom-made covers – we are sure, your guest will appreciate this step.

2. Use a dryer sheet to pick up dog hair

You might be wondering as to how a dryer sheet can help you pick up those loose dog hairs, right? Well, for doing just that, take a dryer sheet and rub it on the couch or the places that have become a victim of your dog’s hair, and see the magic- all those loose hair will be collected on the sheet in no time!

3. Use sodium bicarbonate to clean up their urine

If your dog isn’t properly potty trained, then the odds of them peeing anywhere in the house is more. Of course, this bad habit of your pooch will not only make the spot wet and dirty, but also leave a bad smell lingering all around the place. However, with the use of sodium bicarbonate you can deal with this situation smartly. Just take some soda, pour it over the spot and let it be there for say around 20 minutes. Later vacuum it up and the spot will be clean and smell free.

4. Groom them properly

Certain dog breeds with a lot of fur like a poodle and Kerry blue terrier can be a disaster to groom if you are not clipping them from time to time. Usually, these dogs need trimming once in 6 to 8 weeks. Although, the hair of such dogs are thick and curly as compared to other breeds, never use a sheep clipper  or any other type of clipping equipment for them. Instead, use a set of clippers that are specifically designed for them.

5. Use walnut to remove scratches on furniture

For dog owners, cleaning a home is not limited to picking up dog’s hair from bed, carpet or furniture. What if your pooch makes scratches on your stylish furniture or wooden doors and windows? Well, you don’t need to worry about that. Simply make use of walnut and rub it over the spot. The oil in the walnut will be absorbed by the wood and the scratch will easily disappear.

6. Save drains from being blocked by dog hairs

Does your dog’s hair clog up the drain while bathing or grooming them? If yes, then you are not the only one, several dog owners have complained about this situation. So, to prevent it from happening, use a baby wipe and cover the opening of the drain so that the water can pass and the hair will get collected in the wipe. Once you are done with bathing them, pull the wipe out and throw it away.

We hope these tips will help you keep your home clean and maintained. So, from now on don’t worry about your furniture or carpet or your interior and enjoy the company of your pup to the fullest.

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