The New Clover Station Is an Owner and Customer Favorite for Auto Repair Shops

Meet the New Clover 2.0R

Is your auto repair shop keeping up with the latest technology? While you keep an eye on all the latest vehicles, parts and tools to hit the market, don’t forget to upgrade your POS system. Your POS is a critical area of not only your customer service, but also your business management. Take your auto repair shop to the next level with the latest POS merchant account system, the new Clover Station.

Diverse Payment Options

Customers love the Clover Station because it offers all the latest payment options. Back in the day, a cash drawer was all you needed to handle payments in your garage. However, modern customers use a wide range of convenient payment options. The Clover Station accepts these popular payment options:

  • Cash
  • EMV chip credit cards
  • Contactless payment
  • Mobile app payment

Offering additional payment options can not only speed up the payment process, but will also show your customers you care. If your customer has a preferred method of payment, it’s important to value that choice and do what you can to offer it at your shop. It’s also easier to upsell products when you offer preferred methods of payment.

Comprehensive Tracking System

How many times have you lost track of inventory or payroll in your auto repair shop? Even if you’ve kept detailed records, it can be incredibly time consuming and tedious to track these essential parts of your business. Spending hours keeping track of inventory and manually entering payroll information is a thing of the past. Modern POS systems incorporate all these features in one, easy-to-use software system.

The New Clover Station streamlines your accounting, payroll and inventory systems. By providing comprehensive and intuitive reporting systems, this new POS system allows you to save time and create accurate reports about your payroll and inventory situation.

Intuitive Payment Processing

Your mechanics may rightly be hesitant to learn a new system. As they focus on the skills they need to do their job, another complicated system may be stressful to understand. Thankfully, the Clover Station uses easy and intuitive software for all your payment processing. This reduces the time and stress of training your employees on a new system.

Improve the efficiency of your staff by avoiding additional time learning a POS system. Your new POS system is easy to learn and offers time-saving strategies for providing quick and accurate invoices. If your auto repair shop provides unique services, you can easily customize the POS interface to make it easy for your mechanics and office staff.

Affordable Technology

Save more by choosing a leading POS system that costs less. Don’t be fooled by large upfront costs, restrictive contracts and expensive monthly pricing. Select a system that offers discounted or free hardware, reasonable monthly prices and no contract.

Propel your business forward with the latest POS system for auto repair shop. Enjoy all the latest technology at an affordable price without taking weeks to learn a complicated system. Allow your employees to focus on what they do best, and leverage your POS system to reduce your time spent in the office and improve your profits.

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