Common Sports Injuries: How to Treat and Prevent Them

common sports injuries

Common Sports Injuries can happen when we exercise or participate in a team sport. They can happen if we don’t warm up properly, if we haven’t been physically active for some time or while playing contact sports.

Common Sports Injuries occur often as the sport is generally demanding for our bodies and it puts them under a lot of stress and trauma.

In any case, it’s good to know how to do exercise and play sports properly in order to avoid injuries that are caused by inactivity, lack of warm-up and good form. Keep reading to learn about everything you need to know about sports injuries and rehab.

How to Treat Common Sports Injuries

How to Treat Common Sports Injuries

#1. Shoulder injury

Even though you can prevent some injuries from happening, it is not true for absolutely ALL the injuries. For example, if you’re a woman and accordingly, you choose the best toning workouts for women, an injury can still happen if you don’t warm your body up properly or if you lift too many weights.

There are many possible injuries related to our shoulders. Some of them include dislocations, mis-alignments and different sprains of ligaments or muscles. As some experts suggest, our shoulders are the weakest joints in our bodies and they undergo a lot of force during training.

These injuries are usually caused by a lack of strength, flexibility, or balance. If you do end up with one of these injuries, you need to rest and put ice on the problematic spot and if the pain persists even after two weeks you should definitely visit a physical therapist who will help you deal with the problem.

#2. Ankle sprain

Another common injury is an ankle sprain. These kinds of injuries are quite common in sports where people run a lot and turn quickly. Even other common, everyday activities such as wearing uncomfortable shoes or stepping on uneven ground can cause this injury.

It happens to people of all ages. When speaking about the prevention of these types of injuries, it’s important to note that ankles need strengthening.

As far as treating this kind of injury is concerned, you can try the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, elevation) in the combination of anti-inflammatories and trying to move the ankle in order to get some circulation.

#3. Sciatica

Even though there are some ways to prevent back pain, they are not always effective. Sciatica is a kind of back pain that you feel through your whole body, especially in the back of the legs, sometimes all the way to the feet.

This severe pain can also be followed by feelings of burning, numbness and tingling down the leg. It is a common injury for people who cycle, play tennis and golf basically, people who spend a lot of time in a flexed forward posture.

The causes can be different, varying from a bulging disc or a pinched nerve. If you ever find yourself with this kind of problem, you can try to alleviate the pain by resting, stretching the back and hamstrings and laying on your stomach.

However, if the symptoms last for more than two weeks, you should visit a professional and undergo healing sessions of physiotherapy to help you remove the pain.

#4. Hamstring strain

This is a large muscle located in the back of the thighs. These muscles can be tight oftentimes and are highly prone to sprains. When you exercise or play some sports, it’s important to stretch and stretch well before performing these demanding physical activities.

This would be one good way to prevent these injuries from happening. A common way to treat these kinds of injuries is to put some ice on troublesome spots and to rest, of course. These steps should be followed by gentle stretching in order to prevent future injuries from happening.

Nevertheless, if the pain is present even after two weeks, you should visit a specialist and undergo a suitable ultrasound therapy to help the muscle heal.

#5. ACL tear

The ACL, which stands for anterior cruciate ligament is one of the major ligaments located in the knee. An ACL tear or sprain happens due to sudden and quick movements or changes of directions. When you suffer an ACL tear, your other ligaments can be torn as well, making a really bad knee injury.

Common symptoms include swelling in this area and feelings of instability. Some types of this kind of injury can heal without surgery, you need to rest and put ice on it.

However, when the injury is really bad, you would require surgery, followed by a few months of recovery and physical therapy to regain strength, balance and flexibility.

#6. Shin splints

Shin splints can happen to athletes who are runners or who play sports which require a lot of running, such as soccer. They are reflected in lower leg bone pain.

This injury usually occurs at the beginning of a sports season when the athletes increase their mileage too quickly. The best way to treat them is to rest, put ice on the painful spots and only gradually increase running activities. Quality shoes with arch support can also help reduce pain in the shins.

Being physically active carries its own advantages and disadvantages, even though the advantages surpass the disadvantages by a mile.

In order to prevent these disadvantages injuries from happening, you need to know your body well, to warm up and cool down properly, to be mindful of not overdoing it and to able to use the right techniques.

And even if an injury happens to you, you can deal with it with rest and ice or with the help of a physical therapist.

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