Pick the Right Necklace: Cross Necklace Perfectly Compliments Your Neckline

Cross Necklace

Whether it’s a cross necklace or any other necklace, perfection is the ultimate goal that every woman wishes to achieve. However, finding the right necklace that perfectly fits your neckline is a major task. 

Necklines and necklaces go hand in hand and are equally essential elements. With so many necklaces set out there, it becomes tough to determine which will suit your neckline the most. 

Through experimenting and exploring are worth of appreciation, sticking to some tips won’t harm either. Instead, it will glorify your look much more. So, here are some tips for you to pick up a necklace that suits your neckline just perfectly.

1. V Neck

Usually, this type of neckline pulls people’s attention to your cleavage area. This neckline almost suits every woman of every size and shape. A medium-length chain that falls to the cleavage is the best choice. 

When you’re going to shop cross necklace for women online, always go for the cross pendant of medium length which remains an inch above the neckline. If the shape of the necklace mimics your top’s cut, the necklace will get all the attention. Moreover, the smaller the neckline, the smaller should be the pendant. 

2. Square Neck

Mainly, this neckline is popular amongst middle-aged women. To get a harmonized look, pendants with the angular finish is recommended. Avoid necklaces that go down your neckline because it’ll make you look shorter. 

The pendant can be of any length but above your neckline. So, personalize your cross pendant necklace accordingly.  

3. Sweetheart Neckline

Here comes another neckline that’s quite famous among the ladies. This type of neckline stresses more on the shoulder, neck and the area above the breast. 

A heavy pendant is usually recommended for this neckline as it’s noticeable and all the attention gets diverted to the pendant. 

4. High Crew or Turtle Neck

High crew or turtle necks and long necklaces make the best combination. These long pendants draw attention towards the body, which in turn, lengthens it and drives eyes away from high collars. 

Carrying a lovely long cross necklace is super easy. Just team it up with a turtleneck and you’re all set to receive compliments from people around you. 

5. Boat neck

Shirts and dresses with boat neck usually have a wide neckline, stretching across the clavicle. They impart a very graceful look which can be made more graceful if it’s complemented with the right neck piece. 

Minimalist and elegant necklaces are the best options to go for. You can easily find this type of necklaces if you shop cross necklace for women online. Additionally, avoid chokers and necklaces falling under your neckline. 

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