Cumin Seeds: A Wonder Spice Sharing Amazing Health Benefits

Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds, also known as Jeera in India, are used in numerous dishes. This wonder spice just not adds flavor to the recipes, but offers amazing health benefits as well. Cumin seed exporters bring some interesting facts that make cumin seeds super healthy food ingredient. The spice can help enhance digestion, fight insomnia, and boost fertility.

Here are some tips you can try and add jeera to your recipes to resolve certain health issues-

Enhance digestion
Cumin seeds include thymol and other essential oils that stimulate the salivary glands and help in the digestion. If you have a sluggish digestive system, it strengthens the system as well.

You can try cumin tea to get relief.
If you want to lose weight, you can try roasted cumin powder and banana together.

Beats constipation
Cumin seeds are good in fiber content and this is why they boost the function of gastrointestinal tract that in turn stimulates enzyme secretion. Jeera powder is known for its laxative property. The laxative properties of cumin seeds are so powerful that ayurveda mentions that it is capable of preventing and healing severe digestive ailments, such as piles. You can simply roast jeera seeds on tawa till they get brown. Let them cool and then grind to form fine powder. You can mix this powder with water or honey and take it on empty stomach.

Fights cancer
In some studies, experts found that cumin seeds can help in combating cancer. Since the seeds contain an active compound – cuminaldehyde that assists in retarding the tumor growth. This property is confined with black cumin seeds. To avail health benefits, you can simply add some jeera to your daal and other gravies.

Prevents anemia
Did you know that cumin seeds (100 gm) contain 11.7mg of iron? Iron is the key component responsible for hemoglobin production in human body. Hemoglobin is a substance responsible for transporting oxygen across the human body. If you consume jeera or cumin seeds regularly, you can keep the diseases at bay.

Good for pregnant women
New mothers and pregnant women should consume cumin seeds. It relieves in constipation and enhances digestion. If you are pregnant, you can resolve the issue of nausea and constipation by including cumin tea in your routine lifestyle. Just boil a cup of water and turn off the flame. Add a spoon of cumin seeds and let it steep. Drink the tea when warm. You can even mix jeera powder in honey and milk and consume twice a day.

Cumin seeds exporters know the significance of pure spice and thus they provide and deal in best quality spices only. You can rely on them and avail premium quality cumin seeds at great price.

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