The Different Types of Rainwater Storage Tank

water Storage Tank

Have you had the time to observe how the climate and the rainfall patterns are changing? Are you experiencing drought or excessive rain in your place? Well, they are mostly the result of our wrong actions that led to global warming. But as we continue to struggle with these natural calamities as well as the increasing value of commercialized water and some water restrictions, perhaps it is the best time to think about installing rainwater storage tanks.

Investing a rainwater storage tank, whatever the size, is a step towards becoming self-reliant. There are a lot of options available for you in the market, with different sizes, colors, and shapes. There’s a tank for different needs. For a little help, listed below are the different types of rainwater tanks.

Concrete Rainwater Tanks
Typically utilized in rural areas, concrete rainwater storage tanks are excellent for storing large volumes of water. This type of rainwater storage tank is an excellent substitute for steel and poly rainwater storage tanks in places with the extreme risk of bushfires. The best thing about having a concrete rainwater storage tank is that it keeps the stored water cool and algae-free. If possible, you can place it on the ground because it keeps the water much cooler, bacteria-free.

It will certainly last longer compared to other types of water tanks. As such, you can maximize the area of your land. Whether you live in commercial, rural, or residential areas, your concrete rainwater storage tanks should be efficient and easy on the eyes. With lots of water stored, you’re sure to water your garden all year long or fill up the pool in warmer months. Furthermore, by investing in this type of storage tank, you can guarantee that you invest in an environmentally friendly and high-quality rainwater tank. Have the benefit of using concrete rainwater tanks and save lots of money when it comes to your water bill.

Steel Rainwater Tanks
Steel rainwater storage tanks can hold up to millions of liters of water. And because of the zinc covering, you’re sure to have a steel rainwater tank is free from corrosion. As such, they are a suitable option for storing a large volume of water. Just like concrete rainwater storage tanks, steel rainwater tanks are fire resistant, durable, and corrosion resistant. However, in the long run, steel rainwater tanks might rust and corrode when the zinc coating leaks into your stored water. To overcome this problem, make sure that your tank includes liners made out of polyethylene. But on the brighter side, steel rainwater storage tanks are way better than poly storage tanks. Not only because it looks good, but steel are rainwater tanks great because of their stability and strength.

Polyethylene Rainwater Tanks
Polyethylene rainwater storage tanks are more practical, lightweight, and durable compared to other types of tanks. The polyethylene material is probably one of the standard water storage tank materials for plenty of good reasons. One of these reasons is the elasticity of the plastic which allows for a variety of shapes and styles. Furthermore, they are easier to install compared to other tanks because of their lightness and strength.

Plus you do not have to worry about the color of your tank because the polyethylene material itself has colors. Just like steel rainwater tanks, poly tanks resists against corrosions. However different from steel rainwater storage tanks, polyethylene tanks do not need any poly liners. But you must always be cautious enough if you have a copper pipe or tanks in your home. Of course, rainwater is very acidic, thus make sure to have a proper filtration not to risk the health of your family.

Rainwater storage tanks come in numerous shapes, materials, and sizes. Storing rainwater can help you lessen your water bills, maintain a healthy, green garden, and can be an alternative option during water interruptions. Stored rainwater from a well-maintained, well-designed system can be appropriate for all domestic purposes. The different types of rainwater storage tanks are concrete tanks, steel tanks,  and poly tanks.

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